Confirmed e-ticket shows Cancelled/"No room" after Chart prepared.

For going to Chennai I booked e ticket from Howrah to Chennai for four persons in Train No. 12839 HWH-MAS - Chennai Mail by help of an agent vide PNR No. 6530165988 , Transaction ID : 100001871794478. The scheduled journey was to be made on 4th October 2019 and the ticket was booked on by my own personal user id through my agent. The total fare charge Rs. 5520/- (incl all GST) . The departure time of the train on 4th October was at 11.45pm. As per the printout provided we got confirmed reservation in Third A/C, in B3 compartment seat nos – 41, 42, 43 and 44,
The IRCTC status on internet showed the reservation was confirmed. But on 4th October when the chart was prepared our names were not there. When I enquired in the railway office they reported the ticket has been seized and I cannot make the journey. When I told them IRCTC status till 5 pm, on the day of journey (04/10/19) that was showed me it was confirmed and I did not receive any message regarding cancellation before and they told it can be only known after the preparation of chart. It was a total harassment as I along with two senior citizens had taken the trouble to travel from the suburbs (almost 30km from Howrah) with all the luggages for the trip we had planned. At about 8.30 pm the PNR status shows “NO ROOM” and we were told that we could not make the journey which meant that we have to simply return back again home. Now my question is when IRCTC showed me confirmed reservation status why I had to face the harassment? From my hard earned money the amount I had paid as a ticket fare was simply wasted. In return I only received harassment for which I was not responsible. Even after having confirmed reservation we could not board the train and our tour was spoiled. My earnest request to consumer forum please looks into the matter and guides me at least to get back my expenditure for the reservation ticket.


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