complaints against Doctors and Their Malpractices

I was working with government office for 7 to 8 yrs. After that I started my worked in textile technologist in private sector in textile and left at the age of 54 in 2009 and then I am working as LIC agent for last 3 years. I don’t have any pension. I have only one daughter she is married. My Mrs. is house wife and there is no earning member other than myself. Since I have undergone this two surgery explained below and it cost me Rs.12 lac for the treatment hence my financial position is weaken, and I will have to under go another two more operations (for the closure of colostomy), Approximately expense for this operation is 2.5 lac to 3 lac.
The operation details as follow
I was admitted in the hospital on 15th August 2012 in Sushrusha Hospital for severe abdomen pain, after which doctor Mr.Nitin Rahaney (MS) diagnosed it to be Hernia.
On the same day, I suffered bleeding through motions for which doctors asked for immediate CT scan. The scanning report suggested for endoscopy which was carried out on 20th August 2012.
In Endoscopy the doctor detected that the part of large intestine named as Sigmoid Colon was swollen and blood supply couldn’t reach that portion so doctor said that operation for Sigmoid Colon is a must and thus on 23rd August 2012 this Major Operation was carried out.
The removed portion was sent for Biapasy test. After this I was absolutely fine till 27th August 2012 morning.
In morning, the drain pipe which was been put showed a green fluid coming out. So here doctor Mr.Prabhakar (senior surgeon from Sion Hospital) said that this fluid is suspicious and dangerous so they again carried out Sonography, X- ray etc.
My pulse rate at this moment was increasing every moment and was reaching up to 250. Doctor was scared as even the ECG at this point was abnormal and then on 27th August 2012, evening an emergency operation was carried out. After operation I was kept on ventilator.
Reason for this 2nd operation was told that the internal stitches were loosened and so the intestinal fluid was coming out through the drain pipe. The 2nd operation was successful but my health status was said to be serious for reason he was on ventilator and pulse rate was also not coming to normal .On 28th August 2012 morning Dr. Prabhakar said that abdomen looks good but unless,
And until I am not taken off of ventilator can’t predict about my life, here in afternoon Dr.Madahvi Sayyed (Anesthesia’s) took off the ventilator and said that I am fine, as I could breathe by myself for one and half hour. But after that I started suffering from breathing problem and released chest pain.
So Dr.Anup Nehte (physician & cardiologist) took an immediate decision that I need to be transferred immediately to Fortis Hospital as I was serious and condition was whether I could survive or not .
Yes, God was with me, I could survive in this difficult time and at Fortis I got the best treatment there my health started improving and after 4 day. I was off the ventilator. On 18th September 2012, I was brought home back. Now again after 3 months down the line I need to go to the hospital for 2nd operation for colostomy. Colostomy is where in the part of intestine is taken out for motion sake so that the internal organs get settled till the time begin
Sir, this was a short history, I would like to bring it your notice that this span of 1 month my wife, daughter and my son in law went through a lot of mental pressure. I was suffering too. It’s a request, if you could helps us financially as we have become very weak financially, mentally and also physically. Total bill of Fortis Hospital and Shusrusha was almost 12 lakhs.
Now another two more operations which are going to take place is for closer of Colostomy The estimation to carry out third operation is about 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs as the doctor were saying that this will be a major operation which will be on a level 7 surgery.
If required for further I will definitely send the required documents and reports for your future reference.
, When I met some of the senior surgeon for the second opnion, I was surprised with their remarks regarding the operations carried out and future operation problems.In this respect I need your help to find out in depth and if necessary to take action against Hospital, so that It will help for other patient to take care and avoid such small nursing home and such type of Doctors aho are interested in business.
Looking forward to your reply

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