Cheating in the name of loan in tune of Rs. 1280000

Reference to the above, one Mr. Abhishek Tiwari (Mobile No. 8450944773) & Megna Joshi (Mobile No. 9601637290) of STAGG SOLUTIONS Office at F/41, Fantasia Business Park, Sector No. 30/A, Plot No 47, Vashi, Navi Mumbai Email ID-, offered a Business Loan of Rs. 60,000,000.00/- (Rupees Cores Only).
On 15th May 2019 Mr. Abhishek Tiwari invited me to Mumbai to sign a MOU (Attached) and got a MOU Signed and demanded Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs only)(RTGS Proof attached) which I paid on 15th May itself in Mumbai, on 17th of May 2019 Mr. Abhishek Tiwari and his visited Bangalore for Inspection, they Inspected my Both the houses and Business Places which are meant to be collateral and gave us a Positive feedback and demanded Rs 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty thousand only), which I send by RTGS on 18th of May 2019 (RTGS Details Attached) and Invited me to Pune on 21st May 2019.
I Visited to Pune along with my friend Mr. Sadiq, we were asked to wait in HAYYAT PUNE Coffee Shop as the financier will be meeting us for finalizing our Loan, around 1 PM One Mr. J. P. Singh arrived to HAYYAT PUNE in filmy style along with 4 Bodyguards after 15 minutes we were called in Conference Room which was Booked by Mr. Abhished Tiwari, Before entering the conference room our cell phones were taken off by the Bodyguards and we were thoroughly checked and sent inside the conference Mr. J.P. Singh was dressed like Politician his Charted Accountant & Absheik Tiwari were present, There was just only a short discussion with Mr. J. P. Singh relating Interest part which they had fixed 10% PA, Mr. J.P. Singh reduced it to 9.5 % PA and Instructed his CA (Name Unknown) to Instruct his Secretary Megna Joshi (Mobile No. 9601637290) to prepare for funds transfer of amount Rs. 60,000,000.00/- (Rupees Cores Only). to Mr. Govind Raj Account (ME) and asked me to transfer 1.25% of the loan amount ie 7,50,000/- (Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand) to Mr. Abhishek Tiwari (Stagg Solutions) Account no 201001990356 INDUSIND BANK ltd Bandra Mehaboob Studio Branch 1st Floor Municipal Market Near Mehaboob Studio IFSC Code INDB0000343.
On 27th May 2019, I transferred RTGS Rs 7,50,000/- (Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only) to Mr. Abhishek's Tiwari (Stagg Solutions)Account Account no 201001990356 INDUSIND BANK ltd Bandra Mehaboob Studio Branch 1st Floor Municipal Market Near Mehaboob Studio IFSC Code INDB0000343.
On 28th May 2019 I was Invited to Pune to sign an agreement with Mr. J. P. Singh, I along with my another frriend from Nagpur Mr. Shiv Kumar Iyer Visited Pune the same place HAYYAT PUNE Coffee Shop, after some time Mr. J.P. Singh arrived to HAYYAT PUNE at 3.30 PM in filmy style along with 4 Bodyguards in the same conference room, I was asked to sign an agreement in the name METHA GROUP OF COMPANIES RAJASTAN Mr. J.P. Singh did not give us the copy of the agreement he told us that all the copies of relevant documents will be given to us after Registration, which was supposed to be after 3 days of signing the Agreement i.e 1st June 2019.
On 1st of June 2019 Mr. Abhishek Tiwari Called me and my friend Mr. Shiv Kumar postponed the Registration date to 11th June 2019 and used to call us frequently to show he is loyal to us, on 11th June Mr. Abhishek Tiwari (Mobile No. 8450944773) & Megna Joshi (Mobile No. 9601637290) called us and promised us that Mr. J.P. Singh is not in town so the registration date is postponed to 25th June and Instructed Mr. Abhishek Tiwari to book flights tickets to PUNE on 25th June 2019 in the Name Mr. Govind Raj(ME) & Mr. Shiv Kumar(My Friend), as Mr. J.P. Singh will available in Pune between 25th June to 28th June and send a confirmation Email also "Begin forwarded message:
From: Meghna Joshi <>
Date: 14 June 2019 at 5:17:53 PM IST
Subject: Disbursement Date

Dear Abhishek,

Good Evening,

We know there has been alot of delay in your current file [Govindji from Bangalore], after all the discussion which I had with Mr.Singh.

I got a final decision which is from 24th June - 28th June, Mr. Singh wld be available in Pune & Govindji's Loan Disbursement of amount 6cr; would be disbursed on 25th June, hence there would be no more delay's.

For any discussion you can call me.

Meghna Joshi"

From 25th of June nothing happened, Mr Abhishek Tiwari started making reasons that he has met with an accident and hospitalized in some IM Hospital Vashi, I called up IM Hospital to inquire it was told to us that there is no patient by name Abhishek Tiwari.
He is been dragging us and also returning us our Money and threatening us saying he has Political Background and we can do nothing to him.
Please take necessary action
Thanking You
M. Goving Raj

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