Cheating, Harassment by LG India

Although we have sent multiple complaints via email to LG India grievance department, so far, even more than 4-5 days, there has not been even a single response. This is what has happened:

1. We were forced by the Sales Rep. Mr. Rajesh from LG BEST SHOP, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad to purchase a non-popular LG Split AC Maxima and well knowing that it was not in stock, even though we went to purchase Aura 3 star model. On 19/3/2012 we were told when we wanted to know as to when the AC would be delivered and installed, that the stock was not available and it would be take at least 15-20 days and the Stores Manager Mr. Naveen was so rude when he said that we have to wait (with the kind of summer we have in Hyd) for 15-20 days or that we have to shell out Rs. 2000 more to get Aura as if it was our fault. He almost threatened by telling that we can go and complaint to anyone and that nothing would happen to him. We asked him to pay back the amount and for which both Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Naveen really mis-behaved.

2. We reported this to Mr. Bilal (one of the Sr. Manager of LG) and we had a conf. call with one Mr. Sharma (Warehouse in-charge of Bajaj Electronics), whose tone and attitude was not that comfortable to us and he also said that LG Best Shop is their sister concern/store where they sell only LG products. Mr. Bilal also told Mr. Sharma that both Mr. Naveen and Mr. Rajesh have to be removed from LG Best Shop for their rude behavior and misguiding us, but unfortunately when I was driving in that vicinity the next day (20/3/2012), I saw both of them still working at LG Best Shop.

3. On 20/3/2012, the AC was delivered in the morning around 11:30AM or so and on Mr. Sharma’s preferred technician, we were told that the LG technicians would be coming from S P Associates, Medhipatnam, Hyderabad (Mr. Kiran) to install the AC.

4. There were 2 technicians who were not authorized LG nor professional technicians who were sent by Mr. Kiran around 6:30PM and they didn’t know where and how to install the AC and damaged the walls of the bedroom and the bathroom and left mid-way through stating that they would ask Mr. Kiran to send someone who is a professional technician.

5. I called Mr. Sharma who said that we shouldn’t have allowed such people into the house, as if we knew that they were not professionals and he washed out his hands by saying that he is not responsible for anything. After confirming with Mr. Kiran, my wife had allowed these 2 people inside our apartment to install but later found that they were neither from LG group nor professionals.

6. We called and spoke with Mr. Bilal who in turn put us to Mr. Vijay (ASM from LG) and when we told him the way the walls were damaged and that the 2 people who came to install the AC were not professionals, initially he was very rude and he said that LG doesn’t send such kind of people and he said that they belong to LG and when I told him that we already confirmed this with Mr. Kiran, he slowed down and said that he would make sure that he would send professional technicians from LG the next day.

7. He didn’t want to accept that fact that the damages were done but on the hand was trying to tell us that we should forget whatever has happened and said that he would send in professionals as if he was doing a favor to us. The damage was already done but he was very rude in his tone as well as he was trying to protect Mr. Kiran and the men that had come who had damaged the walls and at the end of the day didn’t install the AC as well.

8. I reported this by calling the toll free 800 number on 21/3/2012 and also sent 2 emails and whenever I call the 800 number and talk about the concerns, the first word that I always hear is SORRY and we feel that it is the MOTTO of LG that when a customer purchases any LG product, we were not aware that we get the BONUS and that too FREE of cost (at no additional cost) all the unprofessional technicians to install the product, harassment, cheating, ill-treatment, mental agony etc. as a COMPLETE PACKAGE.

9. Also, the ASM’s (like Mr. Vijay) feel that they are doing a favor and talk so rudely and mis-behave with customers and more or less tell us that we should be happy that our entire apartment was not damaged but these unprofessional technicians damaged few places alone, as if this also comes along with the package.

10. Post installation of the AC on 21/3/2012 by Mr. Kiran and his team, as we were not still happy for the kind of service they provided in installing the AC, in the feedback form we have raised our concerns and also told Mr. Kiran that he must send/share the feedback comments with LG India.

11. Later in the afternoon when Mr. Vijay (ASM) called me and asked if we were happy about the installation, for which we said that we were still not happy as we still felt that these people could have done a better job, and the damage areas was not fixed, Mr. Vijay said that, that is what they could do and said that we must be happy that they installed the AC and also said that he heard the damage areas were covered, for which I told him that he trusts his people more than the customer and when I asked him to visit my place, he was very rude in saying that he doesn’t want to visit any customer’s house.

12. He also told us that he has not received the feedback form from Mr. Kiran and I am sure that he said that because we have raised the concerns about Mr. Vijay in the feedback form as well. We are saying this because when I called Mr. Kiran on 22/3/2012 and asked him as to why he has not handed over the feedback form to Mr. Vijay, Mr. Kiran told me that he in fact had sent one of his colleagues to hand it over to Mr. Vijay the same afternoon (21/3/2012). So it seems like both Mr. Vijay and Mr. Kiran don’t want to share the feedback with LG India, as we feel that it could be a practice not to share the negative feedback with LG India but share only the positive feedback from the Customers.

13. Also, we feel that it is like that the customers should always be polite with all the staff of LG and their associate dealers (even when we told by the customer care rep. that both LG Best Shop and Bajaj Electronics are not the authorized LG dealers but they use LG’s LOGO) and the bottom line is that the customers always have to provide only POSITIVE FEEDBACK, even if they are harassed, ill-treated and so on, as we feel that these are part of the BONUS PACKAGE from LG India post selling of their product.

These 3-4 days as it has been a HELL for us and have caused a lot of MENTAL TENSION/AGONY, harassment, ill-treatment, we are approaching the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION and also would be approaching my lawyer to file a CRIMINAL CASE against the people who threat us including Mr. Naveen, Mr. Rajesh (both from LG BEST SHOP), Mr. Sharma (Bajaj Electronics), Mr. Vijay (ASM of LG), Mr. Kiran (S P Associates) and also publish this entire episode and would share it with all the LG staff across the world mentioning as to what kind of hardship we had to go through and that the LG India Senior Manager, even after raising several concerns with the grievances cell, have been sitting tight and trying to protect their staff all way along.

Thanks and regards,
Chandrashekar Sethuraman
Voice: +91 99890 18765
+91 90323 55696


Staff member
I go with you and salute you for what you've faced and what you're going to do.

At least some senior LG official could have called you and asked for forgiveness accepting their mistakes, the least anybody can do.
Please keep repertoire of all incidents, names and contact numbers of people you've spoken with, to help you in your complaints.

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