CHEATING BY PIZZA HUT (paid full delivered partially)

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I had ordered for an pizza through phone from PIZZA HUT.
Order number : CHK 979 Nov14'12 08:09P
Delivery 0152-039863
My complaint is:
  • The Pizza was not delivered in the promised time of 30 minutes, it came after 1 hour.
  • Later when i checked the order, One portion of Cheese garlic Bread was missing.

I informed the call center about the incomplete delivery (1st time) and they assured me that the same will be delivered in another 10 minutes. I called back (2nd time) after 30 minutes, the call center said that they will take another 10 minutes for the delivery of the missing order. After another 30 minutes i called (3rd time) the call center to complaint that i have yet to receive the order and asked to speak to a supervisor but instead of getting me through to an supervisor the executive said that i will get the missing order in another 10 minutes. Now its 11:20pm and nobody is taking calls at the call center and i am yet to receive the missing order.

I am feeling totally cheating as i have paid Rs.95 + Taxes for the Cheese Garlic bread which i never received. I never expected such kind of UN-professional behavior from Pizza Hut, in fact its cheating. Pizza hut has charged me Rs.95 + Taxes for an item which was not delivered.

I am very much let down by this instance and i will not like to ever order again from Pizza hut, in fact i would caution all about this instance.

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