Cheating by IFB

I am an ifb customer (IFB Elena Aqua VX).
I raised issue regarding my washing machine on 27th july 2019.
The technician visited and said he will repair the next day.
On 31st i got a message that issue is resolved. i was shocked.
I complained and got to know technician said 'the issue is resolved' in the ticket.
Then they raised another ticket for the same issue.
After that i did many number of support calls to IFB and no action was taken.
Some times they gave me personal numbers of local agents , most of time it was not picked/ irresponsible reply.
Still its pending.I don't know what to do now.
Its in warranty and i paid Rs.2442 for the warranty extention.

washing machine is a critical thing for our day to day life and no follow up is happening from IFB,s side on the issue ,i dont know what to do . I talked with few friends they told they waited long and repaired by hiring externel agents . but i have paid money for extending warrenty .......PLese help me..............................!!!!!!!
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