Cheated by online shopping site 100bestbuy: wrong product sent

I had participated in an online contest by I didn’t win the contest but I got my money back in terms of credit points i.e. I could use those 399Rs. in my further shopping.

So I used those 399Rs. to buy a Jeans worth Rs.1380 from the same site. That means I paid extra Rs.981 through online funds transfer (Total amount with = Rs.1380) The product ordered was Trigger Jeans – Colour – Carbon blue. They sent the product on 03rd Nov’12 and I received it on 11th Nov’12. When I opened the parcel, I found that the product was not which I ordered. It was Trigger Jeans – Colour – Dirty Bronze. I called the customer service no. on the site and they asked me to send the product back and they will replace it. They also assured that I ‘ll get the refund of the courier charges spent while sending the product to them. So I sent the product through Aramex courier to them. The courier charges were Rs.150. (So, Total amount with = Rs.1530). They received the product at their end on 21st Nov’12.

Then I called their customer service for more than 15 times and also sent a number of e-mails to them. But all efforts in vain. Each e-mail reply said that they will look into the matter and sent it to senior team, but there is no response further. Phone calls to their customer service are even more annoying. They do not have any data updated with them. Each time I call them I have to explain every thing and each time they tell that the problem will be solved and the product will be send in next 3 days. Also each time they hang up the call without listening to the whole issue. They are least worried about customers.

Then a month back Ms. Vaishali from their senior team called me as if to help me out. I explained her the whole matter again and she said the issue will be sorted in a weeks time. The offered me a complementary gift to re-pay my courier charges (a Iball headphone) and i got it. After that they called me said that the carbon blue jeans that I ordered is unavailable, instead I can chose other product. So, We finalized on other Trigger Denim Blue Jeans (Code no.: AW12PL028YD). Again after a number of follow-ups, I received the product on 01.01.2013, but to my shock again it was a wrong product i.e. Trigger Jeans Jet black colour (code no.: LM555). When I mailed the problem, they say they called me on 28th Dec'12 to change the product and I confirmed them, whereas I didn't receive any calls from them for that week. And now they are becoming arrogant and saying that they have the recording of the 28th december call to me. I am sure that I din't receive the call, as this mobile no. is always with me and I not faced any call in that week, from 100bestbuy people. I'm sure they are banking on somebody's false information. So I have given them 2 options - 1. Send me the correct product and take back this product from the same courier service or 2. Refund me my money (in my account) along with courier charges, so that after confirmation of receipt of the same, I'll send back the wrong product received.

This time I am not ready to take the risk and send the product back on my money.

I have send a mail in similar way to them, and now
I want to sue them for re-fund of my money + compensations for mental torture and wasting my money and time in following them for more than 2 months now.
I made a transaction under the contest, and paid the amount from my bank, but there is no track of the order. I am attaching the details of the same.I have already made the payment via net banking, but i am receiving mails to pay again. What is this?i got replies like below: Dear Amit Bhatnagar, Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you and delay in response. About your product Status and any delivery issue please go to their link And mention your shipment no, and mobile no,order id or reference id to know the status of your order. If you have any query please contact our customer care representative at 8088211777. As there was no shipment number with me for participating in the contest, hence i can not track it down.

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