Changed freezer, compresser and gas still my fridge not working

LG India - Poor customer service

Rna130607074702 & Rna130615054460 ,
I have open these tickets 6th of May 2013 ,
Since last month I am living without my Fridge ,
Tech came at my home changed freezer, compresser and gas still my fridge not working ,
I talk to so many people regarding the same issue but no responce,
I called so many times to customer care team ,
They are only making false promises, I have spent almost 2 months with out my fridge , :(
Then I tried to contact them on , but they have not contacted me yet...

Not realy , I was not aware about it that I can ask for it[hr]
I called LG customer care on this number 18001809999 regarding the
temporary standby fridge but their rep saying that They can not arrange temporary standby fridge.
My personal experience is that they will make your condition worse by their unscrupulous attitude. They just don't understand what customer care is!!! For them customer is synonymous to money by hook or by crook:(

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