Change in corporate plan without any proper information

My current corporate plan changed without information.
Earlier A2M 300 LOCAL+STD, now A2A 100 Local from the month of April.

This is total cheating from the company without calling the customer. this is the time for fair and best option for the customer.
Also called up the customer care and the guy told me talk to the senior person but after waiting my call got hung up.

I asked to process number portability but no response on anything.
I am using airtel postpaid under corporate plan for more than 7years and have made changes to the plans from time to time. However, until 1/5/2018 I never had any issues pertaining to plan change. I had nearly 260GB unused data balance being carried forward from the monthly data quota. But on 1st may I spoke to an executive over the phone to get the recent plans available and he said that I was on 649 per month plan with 30GBP monthly data and if I switch to 499 per month plan I'll get 40GB data per month. So I wrote an email to airtel enterprise team to change my plan to 499. The same day my mobile data was showing a balance of around 262 GB. However after about a week it came down to just 69 GB in my account. When contacted airtel they said that, since I have downgraded to a lower rental plan my previous unused balance doesn't get carried forward. But no one cared to inform this to me when I was enquiring about the plan details. It's clearly a mistake at the part of airtel, then why should I bear the loss. If they are not gonna reverse credit the unused data balance then I am planning to switch all the 35connections we have with airtel under cug to a different service provider.

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