Case of medical negligence at 21st Century Hospital, Vapi

Case of medical negligence at 21st Century Hospital, Vapi

I am sharing one of the patients experience at 21st Century hospital for Delivery.

Gynecologist : Dr. Monika Vora
Pediatrician: Dr. Akshaya Ugaley

When I heard about this I was totally saddened and shocked at the treatment melted at the hospital towards the mother and the baby both during delivery and post delivery.

The patient was admitted to labour room on 15.05.2014 when there was fluid leakage from the womb, She was given necessary procedure and delivered a healthy baby boy at 5:45 PM the same day. Baby was healthy at 2.9 kgs. Baby died however died on 17.05.2014 at 04:10 PM due to Brain damage due to the lackadaisical and carelessness attitude of your hospital doctors and the staff

The main reason being the lack of care and treatment melted out by the hospital doctors and staff.

A) The baby was not given antibiotic coverage even when the doctors came to know of the infection.

B) The baby did not cry immediately after delivery, he had to be given suction before he cried. Still no precaution or additional check-up was made by the doctor.

C) Given the above two facts the baby was not kept under observation and given Antibiotics? The baby was handled over after delivery without taking into consideration this important points. If the baby was monitored diligently the ill-fate could have been averted.

D) To add fuel to the fire the Pediatrician did not visit the kid in her morning rounds the very next day of the deliver. When the patient complained about it, she was blaming it on the support staff.

E) The total health parameters of the baby were not checked during the birth by pediatrician or support doctors.

F) No proper monitoring of the health of the baby after the delivery in our deluxe room. Even the pediatrician didn’t come for regular checkup on 16.05.2014 morning as is the procedure followed in other hospitals;

The mother and her family had to face numerous other problems in the hospital which is even very shameful :

1) Mother was having problem in feeding the baby as her milk was not coming. So we asked for lactogen / feeding milk substitute and the patients relatives were made to run from door to door and from 2nd floor to 1st floor for getting powder. Truly ashamed at the behaviour of the support staff. Even the doctor didn’t prescribe the name of the milk substitute.

2) Baby developed high fever on 16.05.2014 afternoon and his whole body had become blue. Even after repeatedly pressing the push buzzer in our deluxe room, nobody came. They had to personally chase the staff and concerned doctor. Even the response of nurses was casual.

3) After repeated follow ups the baby was shifted to NICU under observation on 16.05.2014. Even then there was no information been passed on to us regarding his health status. After spending the whole 5-6 hours waiting for the baby to arrive back when the relatives went to NICU to check his condition, they were informed that Baby had stopped breathing and the doctors were administering air externally. They were told to shift the baby to Amit Hospital, Valsad as 21stCentury hospital we not equipped and specialized to treat the baby any further. This was the stage when the irreparable damage had already been done to the baby’s brain.

4) Even to arrange the ambulance and doctor took 25 minutes. With such a critical situation there was no emergency plan in place.

5) The deluxe room no. 2 provided to them was very unclean with the bathroom and toilet at a horrible state. There was lizard in the room which could be very dangerous for any new born.

6) There was no jhula was in the room and when asked they were told to ask for it. Do we need to ask for such basic necessitites

7) The dressing of the stiches was not done properly during the stay in hospital. The mother had to visit other hospital to get the stitches corrected.

8) In labor room, patient was asked the type of room she had booked. As Air-condition facility is available to only the deluxe patients.

9) In morning when fluid leaking started from the womb of the patient, they rushed her to hospital. But to their surprise they were told that the nurses were shifting their duties so they were busy with that and the duty doctor was busy completing his file. They had to wait for them to complete their work.

Later on shifting the baby to Valsad, Doctor monitored and they were informed that the chance of the baby surviving was very thin as the pupils were not responding to light and the baby needed to be under ventilator support till culture report arrives. This means the baby was already half dead at 21st Century Hospital. Later his Brain his EEG report confirmed that there was extensive brain damage.

Finally the baby passed away.

Medicine is a noble profession and practitioner must bring to his task a reasonable degree of skill and knowledge and must exercise reasonable degree of care. But where a doctor acts carelessly or knowingly and in a manner which is not expected of a medical practitioner, then in such a case an action of sorts would be maintainable i.e. for negligence.

We had hoped 21st Century was a professionally managed institution as its ISO Certified. But I am saddened and shocked at the treatment melted out by them.

The poor administration, shear medical negligence and pathetic unprofessional attitude has taken the baby away from family.

I request everyone from Vapi and nearby areas to spread this message and share this to as many people as possible so that others do not have such ill-fate due to medical negligence of the doctors and staff.

Its my suggestion that try to avoid visiting such hospital and educate and inform others too about it.

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