Black bar on top of 2 yrs old Samsung LED TV

well, this issue had been already escalated to samsung customer care and executive team and nothing happened finally. due to their poor customer care and crap product quality, i am writing it once again here.

Model: UA40D5500RR.

Bought Samsung LED TV 2 yrs back and exactly after a year (after warranty got void), the problem started. earlier, it used to visible for some 10 or 15 its permanent. contacted samsung service, they told the panel fully molded, their service engineers cannot open it and repair, it needs to be replaced fully. The replacement cost would come around INR 26K. I did search in youtube and found several videos to tighten the T-connector ribbon cable which connects to the top corners of the panel to make the display better. But in this panel, T-connector ribbon cable is there, but have only one connection in the middle. all the top and bottom of the panel is fully molded.

i found a kind of workaround for this problem...when i try to tilt the screen to down a bit, the dark area went away and screen looks normal....when i restore it to its old position, dark patch i placed the tv a bit slanting whenever i switch on the tv, the patch would be there, i need to touch or move the corner of the tv slightly to remove the dark area...

am sure its due to some internal loose cable connection. i wonder why samsung engineers told to replace the entire panel for such a simple problem.

with this workaround, display was good for some more weeks.

now, even with this workaround, its no more helpful. problem is permanent.

again went back to samsung by sending a detailed information to its executive team.

and this is what happened.

1. Got a call from the executive team to discuss on the issue.
2. I explained the problem.
3. They diverted it to the service center and the service person who looked into this issue earlier called me and he told that as its already verified, we cannot do anything for it.
4. He closed the call and diverted back to executive team.
5. The executive team/customer experience team talked about the replacement cost and all. I mentioned clearly that i cannot pay the full panel amount as its mere two years of TV with proper maintenance.
6. After that, he diverted the call to the service center for further assistance.
7. Got a call from service center stating that i had agreed to pay the money to replace the panel.
what the heck...i didnt even mentioned any single word about accepting the replacement cost. I asked them clearly to do the replacement with better discount or replace the tv with better model with nominal cost. They told executive team will call you back.
8. Got a call from executive team and they finally told the last and best offer that samsung can provide is "Instead of three months warrenty for the new panel, we pleased to provide you twelve months warranty."

oh, wow...what a cool other service providers can think of such an amazing offer...
its a total crap..they are not in a position to hear what is the customer's mindset and whats the expectation...they have a written script on top of their table and they simply read it. finally i got a nice email and chapter closed. mail pasted below:


Greetings from Samsung.

With reference to our conversation over the phone regarding your Samsung LED TV,UA40D5500RR, as checked by our service center the Panel of the TV need to be replaced.

As the product is out of warranty the service will be on chargeable basis as per the estimate shared by our service centre .As a good will gesture we offered you 12 months warranty extn on the Panel of the LED TV. I request you to please take services from our service centre .

Please consider this as a final offer valid for next 7 days.

Please contact our service center in case of any assistance or technical help.

Please feel free to revert if any further query

We always ensure best services


(Manager, Customer Experience)

Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd


with this, i dono what am gona do with this sure i cannot afford for such a huge money within this 2 yrs of time frame.

Bought this as a dream FHD TV for 50K and as a reputed brand name, i trusted Samsung for its better quality and customer care. now, i am just throwing the TV out into the box again and replacing it with my 7 years old flat tv which still runs perfect and got worst ever experience with a so called "reputed" "branded" "billion dollar" company.


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