Billing discrepancy and Wrong info to customers

Reference to IDEA Postpaid connection 9639096399 in the name of self.
The current bill plan is NBS-399 and was taken by me in March 2015. As per the bill plan the extra usage of internet (over 1GB free) will be charged @0.5p/10kb. This rate was stated by IDEA representative in email to me.

In my Bill for the month of May 2016. The extra usage, above 1 GB has been charges @1p/10kb.
the GPRS Usage is shown as - 1733560 KB (1.65 GB)
the free Usage as per my Plan - 1048570 KB (1.0 GB)

the extra Usage = 1733560 - 1048570 = 684990 KB

As per my bill Plan,
The overage charges should be = 0.5 x (684990/10) paise = 342.495 rupees.

However, in attached bill, the overage charges for GPRS is shown as 684.99 rupees.

The IDEA customer care states that the rate has been 1p/10kb since the initiation of plan by IDEA company. However, the email sent to me by IDEA representative shows it as 0.5p/kb. I have also sent email to the IDEA customer care no help.
This is problematic for the customer and wrong charges amounting of Rs 343.
Different IDEA employees are quoting different charges and charging customers wrongly.

The IDEA bill terms and conditions state :
f. IDEA Cellular Limited reserves the right to vary the rates of the penal charges from time to time with due intimation. However, no intimation was given for any revision, if it is the case of any revision of charges.
Idea is one of the worst service provider with huge wrong billings. In the recent past there was a bill with so many wrong messages shown in the bill, though I didnot send. Moreover the customer support people says that Server generated the bill, so user has to pay. The msgs are sent like a programmed manner with regular intervals with exact time gap of 3 mins.

so robbing us ...

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