Bike theft claim denied due to delay in reporting to National Insurance

Are you satisified with the details of the document that National Insurance Company provides?

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Sub: - Seeking help to get claim for my lost two wheeler insured with National Insurance Company Ltd (NIC).

The story is, my bike was stolen on 25th May-2013 and on the second day I informed “allied trade masters” (the vendor from whom I purchased the insurance) about the incident. They told me to report the incident to insurance company with the FIR.
It took complete one month to get the FIR so on 26th June-2013 I was able to submit my query to insurance company. 2 days later I got to know that my request was rejected due to delayed notification.
Below are the necessary details of Bike:
• TVS Apache
• RC – DL8S ND 2537
Below are the necessary details of Insurance Company:
• Name = National Insurance Company Ltd.
• Policy# - 361403 / 31 / 12 / 6200008546.
• Phone# - 011 – 235 223 90 / 91 / 92.

Below are the necessary details of vendor from whom I purchased the insurance:
• Name = Allied Trade Masters
• Receipt# - 1755.
• Regd# - 1094 – dated 24/04/2008
• Phone# - 011 – 647 211 33 / 34

My Details:
• Name – Ajit Kumar
• Phone# - 880 214 8986 and 981 166 2450

In their whole policy document, nowhere is mentioned that stolen has to be reported within 7 days and I have also registered the case with IRDA but form their also I am not getting any response. Only calls are going back and forth with no such lead hence hoping to get some help from you.


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It could be that this notification rule is by IRDA. Pl. see here: .

I've also talked to an PSU insurance agent. What you should have done in this case is to give the theft date same as the date of filing FIR.

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