Big mistake by purchasing SAMSUNG led tv

Reni R

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Dear all,

I made a big mistake by purchasing Samsung led smart TV 43" UA43K5300ARMXL for rs 48000 instead of buying Mi TV smart led 43" For rs 23000 as suggested by my brother.But we were huge fans of branded items and also we used a 32" Lcd TV from Samsung for 7 years, and after that its panel failed and repairing was not practical and cost was like price of a new TV. So we again purchased new Samsung led TV 43" UA43K5300ARMXL denying brother's advice. But the TV started developing a white spot at the centre and gradually it spread across and it was no more a TV. So we raised the issue to Samsung and response was that there is no warranty repair and to get it repaired we have to pay 22000rs which was unbelievable for us. We requested several time for a reasonable reduction and it was like making fun of us by Samsung. I thought of my experience my brother had in Austrailia where he got full replacement.Also Samsung was saying that it was internal breakage which was done by us.And when we discussed this with the technician he was saying that the led is so delicate and even a small soft handling can cause damage. But we replied that we never even touched this after installation,there was not even a slightest mark on TV,when it switched on it is like fill of craks,so this is surely the effect of handling by the person who installed this.But This is so ridiculous and unacceptable. We thought of filing a case in court, we were so scarce of time and money and we resorted to avoid it for our peace of mind. This is total cheating

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