Bharti Airtel Limited — non receipt of security deposits

Phone/Mobile Number: 9864272826

Bharti airtel limited
(A bharti enterprise)
Bharti crescent, 1 nelson mandela road,
Vasant kunj, phase ii,
New delhi - 110 070.
Cin) is l74899dl1995plc070609
Tel. No.: +91 11 4666 6100
Fax no.: +91 11 4666 6411
Bitter truth: "bharti airtel limited loves to loot peoples hard earned money."
Proof: bharti airtel has taken 2 years to return a sum of rs. 7974/- against full and final settlement of account in regards to disconnection
Of our corporate broadband connection in the name of best it world (India) private limited, guwahati, logicalid/circuit id is : -6714796
()/bwor-ilp-001, & our customer account no. 70616497.

We would like to update you all that our new problem bharti airtel is that you people still not resolved my issue pertaining to refund of rs.
250/- which was deposited as security deposit at the time of taking up new airtel connection (Which i regret now) in regards to switch out of airtel
Mobile no. +91-98642-72826.
We had mailed to several bharti airtel officials several times and also had telephonic discussion many times but no positive response and
No action is taken at all.
1. Are your people working on our issue in spite of mailing several times?
2. What is the problem you people are facing in returning our money?
3. Who is going to compensate us on loss of interest amount on those money which are still lying with bharti airtel limited.
4. Why your inefficient team is not able to resolve this issue and no manager from your team is ready to take accountability to fix it?
5. Is bharti airtel limited facing any scarcity of fund because of which it was/is not possible to return the money?

Let us know your final decision on our refund request which will guide our future course of action in this regards.

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