Beware of Irresponsible Doctors Rohit Gupta/Shantunu Sahu Dehradun

hello to all ,
I want to let you all the people that please aware from irresponsible doctors.

Please read the below carefully:
My brother (Dipanshu Singhal) got a pain in stomach on the last week on 9/12/2012.
we visited on 10/12/2012 on morning time at :
Himalayan Hospital
Swami Ram Nagar , P.O. Doiwala , Distt. Dehradun - 248140

There we met Dr. Rohit Gupta (Gastroenterologist)

He admitted my brother in emergency than after some testing (ultrasound / Blood Report & many other) he shifted us to general ward.
After giving some medicines he suggested us that ultrasound & other reports are well , so there is problem in diagnose , thus he suggested us to go for C.E.C.T Abdomen on next day.

But the problem is that Caternine is not normal , thus the C.E.C.T can't be possible till more two days.
After this three days he shifts the case to other DR. Shantunu Sahu (urologist) of same hospital by saying that the case is not of mine but may be of Urologist.
After this Urologist said us that he have a doubt of "Appendix" & want to C.E.C.T Abdomen , but on 4th day also caternine is not in normal & C.E.C.T can't be possible.
On the same day evening Dr. Sahu came on visit in our private ward & suggested that he have a doubt of Appendix & want to operate by surgery.

So According to him he wanted to operate on the fifth day. But we can't go for a surgery on the base of only assumption.
Thus we went to other doctor in Dehradun , he also admitted him in his private hospital but with in 24 hrs after his treatment the caternine comes in normal & we go for a C.E.C.T Abdomen , & found that my brother have a swelling in intestine & small stone in kidney which is in between pipe comes till urine. Our doctor suggested that there is no need to surgery and it can be cured by medicines only.

I want to ask from Dr : Rohit Gupta(Gastroenterologist) & Dr. Shantunu Sahu(Urologist) if they doesn't have any confirmation how they are going to take a step of surgery of appendix?

I have all the evidence regarding this complaint , if any want to confirm please mail me.


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RE: Beware of Irresponsible Doctors Dr Rohit Gupta/Shantunu Sahu Dehradun

It'd be nice if you can post your brother's prescription at least.

It is very common in India to fool a patient into operating appendix to earn quick money by Doctors.

Always go for second opinion. At least once you should also show a doctor retired from Govt. or in AIIMS etc.

It is best go for treatment first then go for operation as a last resort.

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