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I have been suffering from scalp psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.I came across Dr.Raheesh Ravindran in Hiranandandani Hospital Powai.

I had initially moderate levels of skin outbreak and even my back pain was bad but bearable. Dr.Raheesh started almost asking me to take biologics since the third time I met him.The name of the medicine is Infleximub also called as Remicade in US.

I was apprehensive about taking this since the cost of an entire session would amount to 2.3 lacs minimum.He had told me that after taking this entire dosage I would not have any issues minimum for 1-1.5 years.

Since I had an insurance but unfortunately insurance companies do not cover this disease in our husband had to bear the cost.

But much to my dismay this disease flarred up very soon.When I went to him he said the effects will last for only 7-8 months.I felt very cheated as the time period stated by him was much higher.Anyways then I sarted getting outbreak after 2 months itself.Now he said it's because of lack of exercise and improper diet.But as a patient I walk/ do yoga regularly.

Now I have stopped taking Infleximab but the disease has hit back tremendously initially I was having issues only in scalp now it has spread to other parts of my body.

My request to people suffering from any autoimmune disease pls go for a holistic treatment such as ayurveda.And avoid going to Doctors who are misleading and want to just fill their pockets.
The statements written by the complainant are false and malafied. Infliximab therapy is an FDA approved therapy for Psoriasis all over the world. The above patient had come to me for a second opinion as the previous rheumatologist had recommended biological therapy which I seconded. The above patient has not been regular with her therapy and has not followed the doctors advise which caused the flare up of the disease. This post is written by the patient without revealing her name or identity which shows the malafied intent to dent my reputation. I have thousands of patients who would vouch for my ethical behaviour.This post was brought to my notice by one of my patients.

If this post is not removed within a month we will initiate a defamation case against the complainant.

The forum should verify the details before allowing such malafied content to be posted on their website.

Dr Raheesh Ravindran

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