Bad news - Amazon is not trusting the customer words

Bad news - Amazon is not trusting the customer, fault product - Do you want to take risk again?

Read completely, otherwise you will lose your valuable money and get unnecessary troubles on getting your money back

I bought this product on 6-May-2019. From day two it is getting over heat when you continue to use and also near to speaker it will get over heat gradually if you play something continuously. They arranged an inspection guy and after 5 days he checked the device for 5 minutes and said everything will be like this only(It will get heat only what I can do, is inspection guy response, you won't get any valuable reason why it is like this). for this much money, you will get a product like this, as customer why you need to use the faulty product even after paying so much money (indirectly he said don't buy this product and this kind of product will have some issue like this, even it will go to 50 degree Celsius we won't take that as the complaint, you have to use this product. overall they won't understand concern, whereas I said him its getting heat gradually more in few hours)

And I reported this useless inspection process to amazon customer care immediately once the technical guy left. But worst part is when I called amazon customer care service and raised a complaint thrice they did not believe me (spoke to senior team as well they are so weird in giving response, not even trying to understand what customer is saying- also I asked one question to all three peopple whom I spoke including senior leadership team person, wil you give the product which gets heat to 50 deg cel to your kid? the answer is No. Also we won't give replacement for you), amazon customer service did not care what customer is saying, they said inspetion guy give paper report saying product is fine, we can't replace/return the product. You have to use this product

Do not prefer to buy any electronic product at amazon its my personal painful experience (you may think sometime not all product will be bad, I thought the same way before, I place the order even after seeing an heating issue review - you may think why did you order even after seeing the heating issue, bcoz I trust amazon they will understand if customer has any issues like how it was before, but it is not the case now. They believe what their team says, so do not put yourself and your money in risk)

My dear ladies and Gentle men customers, do not risk your money on any electronic product with an assumption that we can approach the amazon customer service and get it resolved? As per the change in policy, In any electronics its not the case, you will lose your money and at the end of day, you will be using faulty product for the money you paid

Trust me friends, Do not take unnecessary risk with your money and running behind amazon customer service to get the money back (They won't raise refund) and even for replacement, they will send some guy for inspection, he will come with weird standard range of quality check(In my case of Tab - range given was you have to tolerate the device temperature till 50 degree Celsius, guys just think how will you give that device to your lovable kid, even I am in that field as an expert engineer, it is not advisable to give to kids)

Do not take unnecessary risk with your money, wiht your life and kids? And also you won't get your money and even you won't get replacement for faulty product. Do you want to take risk again?

Amazon customer service won't trust customer no longer, they will trust paper what inspection guy (inspection guy will spend only 5 to 15 minutes to study the product issue, they won't even care the issues what you were facing hours for prolong use, even after if you say many times) and information what their team says, you will hear the same answer as per the policy we can't do any favour

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