Aquaguard salesman took original box back and not returning it back

I purchased Aquaguard Reviva in Bangalore. The salesman Soma Shekara is a cunning man and was forcing to but only costly models to get more commission and meet his sales target. After a bit a research we purchased Reviva RO model in May 2018. On june 8, 2018 he came and told some story and took box back with the promise to return it back. However, more than two months passed, he is not giving any response. It is proved beyond doubt that they are taking box back and again selling water purifier by putting local brand or some reconditioned models to unsuspecting customers in original box. Whole aquaguard team is hand in glove in this dubious business in cheating both company and customers. Do not buy Aquaguard. They are cheating. It is terrible to think salesmen cheating their own company and management is not bothered.

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