Aquaguard geneus - Crap product and worst service - At all level

I have 2 issues with the product -
1. I bought this product in August 2015 after spending 28K from Croma Bhayandar west. When the product was installed, the executive who had come for the installation (Sachin Patil) told me that a motor is needed for pressure otherwise this will not function. I paid somewhere around 3K for motor but it was very much noisy. He told me the the noise will get reduced after a week or so but it is almost 5 months now and no improvement. It is really painful to use this product. (I understand when we have motor it will create sound but this sound is way beyond).

2. The water indicator shows only 2 level (Ideally it should reach to 5 level when the tank is full). This means i can fill only one or max 2 bottles and the water will end. Again you will have to start the motor and go through the painful noise. I called up the executive (Sachin Patil) and he told me since the machine is new, it will take sometime or week to function properly to reach to level five.

This was really bothering me as i have spend big chunk of money (I guess this is one of the costliest model available in the market) so i called up the executive (Sachin Patil). He told me that this is not under his area i should call up customer care. I called up and requested for a visit. They took 4-5 days (told me that executive should called in 24 hours) and that too after continuous follow up. One of the executive came told us that some part is missing and i have to pay some amount. I was okay with it but he never turned back.
When the survey team arrived at my place for the feedback, we told him that the issue is not yet resolved. He checked and told us that only RO is functioning and not UV. This need a repair. He gave me some manager's number (Mr. Rajnath Tiwari) but even he was useless. I atleast called him for 5 days continuously and everytime he will say "Me bbat karta hu aur aaj hi karvata hu". same dialogue continued for few days and after that he didn't answered my phone. I was calling both Sachin Patil and the so called manager Mr. Rajnath Tiwari but both were not answering.

I got pissed off and called the customer care for the complaint. He gave me a number (+91 7498 282811) think some senior person. I told him the entire case and also told me the same thing that this will get sorted. I was waiting for his call but it is almost 24 hours and no response.

I think these guys do not value their customer (Including all level in their organisation) and do not try to resolve the customer query. I bought this product as i heard that this company have a good after sales service but i must say that it is worst. It cannot go beyond this level.

Hope this reaches to the right person and the matter is taken seriously.

Many Thanks,
Jatin Seth
+91 9594 565 565
Sorry madam, after my bitter experience I feel that we cannot expect any help from Eureka forbes. It is proved beyond doubt that employees in eureka forbes at all levels are hand in glove and that is why they are not afraid of anybody and keep cheating gullible public.

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