Airtel- Landline to My mobile connectivity- Mobile-9930978914

TO AIRTEL - Customer Experience
Venkat Reddy Patil/ Vasudev Routhu / Ayesha Khanam Patan-Advisors: Customer Experience/ Airtel.
This is to bring to your notice, still today even after 15 days of connection & Chasing with you no. of times, visits to your Company Gallery,
The problem of Landline to Mobile connectivity is not resolved.
Following steps were performed:

1) As per your advice removed SIM card & carried instructions as per your mail.
2) Your gallery people changed SIM card & tried to resolve the problem. Of no use.
Tell me what is required to be done.
Airtel is just promising, the problem will be solved in 3-4 days at every level. Still the problem remains.
There is no alternative remained but to go for Consumer Court.
If the problem is not resolved in a weeks time, I am going to Consumer Court asking for the Mental agony I am going through.
Because of Low vision of my wife & being the Senior citizen, she cannot connect me to my mobile.
She is not able to open the door due to the vision problem.
Airtel doesn't realize problems.
Inform me by mail, what steps Airtel is proposing to resolve the problem.
If you can't resolve the problem, then what?
For this serious problem, I am going on all media- Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Consumer Complaint Forum & person E mails to known & unknown people.
Through my resources, I am approaching Newspaper Journalists to publish this problem.
I have suffered a lot due to above problem & won't keep quiet.
It is now up to AIRTEL to take appropriate action & resolve the problem
Vinod Saraiya
M: 9930978914.

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