Airtel DTH Service - A bunch of Liers

I had purchased from airtel online website airtel DTH 12 month platinum pack on 5th Feb 2013. I had paid Rs. 5450 for the connection and was given connection number 3014004612.

Before purchasing the connection, I contacted several other providers. I was informed twice by the Airtel representative over phone that the connection would be installed the same day or latest by next day of the payment and after installation the connection would be activated within 1 hour. I was also told that after making the purchase online I would be given a gift voucher of Rs. 750.

After making the online payment I didn’t get the gift voucher. The connection person called on 7th and promised to come in the evening after I am back from office for installation, which he never came. I spent the entire evening at home thinking he would come. Next day, the connection person came at around 10:00am and I had to come back to office so that he can make the connection. I spent more than Rs. 100 in to and fro travel and had to stay late in the office to make up for the lost time. After making the connection, the person told me that the TV would start working in 1 hour. I came home from work at around 8pm but the TV wasn’t activated. I then called up the person who had installed it. He told me that he would resolve the issue within 5 minutes. I tried calling him for 30 mins but he didn’t pick up the phone. After this I called up the airtel helpdesk. During the first call my connection got terminated after I was holding the line for around 10 mins. During the next call I got connected after which I was first told that the activation takes 24 hours and as it hasn’t been 24 hours my connection cant be activated. When I insisted that this was wrong, I was passed on to the supervisor. To my great shock, the supervisor passed the blame onto me. He said that since I hadn’t called up the activation number my connection couldn’t be activated.

When I told him that this was wrong as I had used DTH connection in other cities he said I was wrong. Then I asked him why I wasn’t told about this by the person installing the connection or by the previous person who said I had to wait 24 hours, he didn’t give me a response. I asked why anyone hasn’t said sorry for the delay and he didn’t respond. I then called up the number given by him. I waited for close to 30 mins on the phone but no one picked up the phone. As a result of all this I picked up a fight with my girlfriend as she couldn’t watch TV and we ended up with a broken phone of over Rs. 15000.

On 9th Feb I got a call from them saying that the connection has been restored. I told them that this isn’t acceptable to me as they have caused me significant harassment. I asked them to either (a) take away the instrument and pay me back my money of Rs. 5450 and pay 15% interest p.a. for any delay for making the payment or (b) compensate me for the loss of phone and trouble and money I spent to get the service and send me an apology letter signed by all those people who have talked to me.

I got a call from them on 10th Feb and they said that they won’t accept either option and they wont even refund my money of Rs. 5450 and that I can do what ever I want.

This sint acceptable to me, this is a clear case of a company selling a product while making false promises, then harassing the customer once they get the money, and then when they customer raises serious issues and says that he will go to court …saying a simple sorry and getting away.

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