ADSL link not blinking


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Hello!! The problem is in relation to the broadband service provided by BSNL BIHAR. On the eve of September 30, 2013 my broadband lost ADSL link. I complained on the automated portal about the broadband problem. For the next 5-6 days they were calling to confirm what the problem was.
Then on the 7th day they had an epiphany that it must be a link problem. Then for 2-3 days there were no phone calls and after that the person who was calling became so apathetic that even before i could complete what i wanted to say the guy just mumbled "haan sir, ji sir, theek hai sir" and then put down the phone. "Wow", is what all i could say at that moment.

Then came the Dussehra, the obvious holidays that indicate no phone calls from the company. Soon the phone calls resumed with the same realization that there was a link problem; asked me to report to the telephone exchange for getting a line man to check for any problems in the internet line that runs together with the telephone line. He also asks for my address but as soon as i leave the phone on hold for 5 seconds before i could confirm the address with my mother he ends the call. This has happened before when i asked him to hold for a few seconds before i could check whether the link has returned in the modem. Today is the 18th day without service.

So, tell me how should i proceed as a consumer to get that bloke to deal with the problem permanently or should i just terminate the service because they are collecting the charges but not giving quality service?


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You should visit the nearest BSNL exchange where they can do this link testing there itself. First get it checked there only. Meet the SDO, sit there and get it resolved.

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