AC water leakage inside cabin , damaged door flaps due to repeated repair for rattli

is your maruti suzuki car rattles a lot

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SUB : AC water leakage inside cabin , damaged door flaps due to repeated repair for rattling, dickey rusting
I would like to point out few quality issues of my Maruti Ritz VDI (kl02AK566) which I noticed during my last 20000 km service. My vehicle had been facing a minor water leakage issue inside the cabin from the very beginning. The symptom is “wet front left cabin floor during long drives” and I did not suspect the CAR AC for it. I am a software professional and my wife is a bank employee. We use this car for commuting purpose ( 10kms home to office) . We used to visit our in-laws once in a month which is 60 kms away from our city and this is the only long trip we normally use this car for, our 2 yr old son will also accompany us during this journey . In the beginning we thought it might be ‘cuz of water bottle leakage or maybe ‘cuz my kid spilled some water while playing . I used to always scold my wife for keeping water inside the cabin and feeding him inside the car. Since it is me who drive the vehicle most of the times I rarely get an opportunity to sit on other seats. Once I had one when I travelled with my friend, when he took over the driving, it came to my notice that the water was dripping from right end side of front left cabin and it directly dripped onto my feet. Within 5 minutes I contacted kollam MASS and enquired about the suspicious activity. They advised me to continue the journey with a cool mind. They convinced me that it is not a major issue, just some water spillage from AC, which could be rectified easily on next visit.
When I found that the water leakage is from the AC,I have informed the same to Mr Vijeesh (sarathy service mgr) ( verbally) . We postponed the inspection for next service as per my convenience. I didn’t take it very seriously ‘cuz it seemed to happen only during long drives. I did my 20000 km service few days back and asked them to check for the AC water spillage too.
After the inspection I was informed that
1) There is defect in my AC
2) AC condenser or (some inside part is clogged with dust)
3) Reason for such clogging is I have drove my vehicle in fresh air mode
4) Performance of AC is good even though there is water leakage
I admit of the problem, but it’s not ‘cuz I drove my car in fresh air mode. I know Fresh air mode will make cabin dusty. You can check my previous complaint CRM:0098000007828. Which is related to cabin air filter. I hope you remember your letter admitting that maruti is still in the process of making cabin air filter for Ritz. I am using Bosh Oxy fit part number 1987.432.214-H23,which costs rs 850, from January 25 th 2013 . At that time the maruti guys explained the usage of AIR filters for my complaint CRM:0098000007828. As per MASS explanation
1) AC filter does not help to remove foul smell. If there is foul smell then there must be dead rat in your vehicle,
2) Ac filter helps to avoid clogging of ac parts of the ac condenser and keep cabin dust free.
3) Helps to keep performance of AC
The problem was there in the car from the initial days , it’s just, being an automobile illiterate customer I failed to identify the real issue . I suspected and blamed my wife and KID for it. Water spillage never disturbed me in city drives. It could be found only in long drives.

My previous car was maruti alto kl02ab9664 which clocked 40000 when it was sold. It never faced any such issues. You can check the history. Hence it’s not a matter of my fresh air mode changing habit. It’s a matter of quality of product / manufacturing defects of parts used by maruti. I never run with the glasses down. My vehicle will usually run with glasses up and with ac. You can ask your mass guys to check the interior of my vehicle for how clean and dust free it is. I will attach screen shots of my car.

My humble question is why my brand new vehicles ac face such issues within such short span of time? My vehicle is 1 and half yrs aged and has clocked 20000 kms only . My vehicle is under 4 yr warranty too. I have shared my views with your local service center guys also.
Another quality issue is that few spots of dickey got melted out and I don’t know why. It’s a tar like material and it will spoil our hand if we touch it. Screen shots are attached. I believe it is ‘cuz the body has started to rust from the inside which has caused these vulgarities outside. Any way there is something that went wrong and that is a quality issue.
Another ongoing issue is rattling. don’t u feel shame maruti.. Maruti cars re winners in rattling and poor quality plastic door flaps. Whenever a customer complaints about rattling, maruti will instruct poor service center guy to repair it. He knows well that rattling of maruti cars can’t be corrected. Still he pull all door flaps and fix. The rattling will be settled for 50 kms max. we know its not a mistake of workmanship. it’s a matter of poor quality plastics used in maruti cars most of its locks will get broken If those plastic parts pulled out once (there are broken parts in side my car). If they pulled it 5 times nobody can correct it. So please don’t play the MANUFACTURER, SERVICE CENTRE REPAIR drama in front of me. Both of us knows the rattling problem is not repairable and requires a REPLACEMENT.

Hope u remember my previous comments about marutis’ quality issues. Poor built quality is one of the major issues maruti is suffering from. Horn complaints within 100 kms, irreparable rattling sounds within 10000 kms. ac complaint detected within 20000 kms . At this rate I am pretty sure that my ac will stop functioning very soon as it had complaints from the very beginning
Any way let me make stand very clear, maruti is not capable to play in B+ segment. It might be a good player in the A and A+ segments. All manufacturers provide cabin air filter along with B+ vehicle. Maruti has failed to keep quality of the spares used in vehicle. This forces me to assume that maruti takes second or third grade products from vendors and use it for cost reduction. Mind set of A and A+ customer is “purchasing a low cost vehicles from very old trusted manufacturer”. They don’t care to visit 1000 times to your centers for repairing quality related issues. Whereas B+ customer seeks ride quality, build quality and less visits to service center. Maruti is deliberately ignoring such minor things just to make more money from the service sector. Most of maruti vehicles are used in private vehicle segment. I am very sure your cars will be exhausted within two yrs if it is to be used in taxi segment.
. I could have asked for a total replacement with a brand new car if I’d realized that this complaint is related to AC, within first 5000 kms. Now I demand maruti to
1) replace the entire AC unit with another 1 year warranty extension for the AC and its parts without any extra burdens on me.
2) Replace Whole Door flaps and pastic paddings . most of them are broken during this continuous repair work. without any extra burdens on me.

3) Correct the dickey vulgarities

If any of these complaints recurs within a month after your rectification work. I think I am due for a brand new Ritz CAR ‘cuz I don’t want to spend my valuable time servicing it.

I hope that this issue would seek the attention of the top authorities and I expect a positive response to rectify these manufacturing defects.

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