2 TVs out of 4 Samsung TVs not working

I have been a fan of Samsung products. Starting from mobile phones to TV to home theater , I have been loyal to your brand; but now I am paying a price for my loyalty.

I have been facing a lot of problems since the time I decided to buy Samsung TV. I have bought 4 TV's in the last 4 years. Of those 4 TVs bought, 3 are Samsung TVs (1 Plasma and 2 LED) and 2 of them are not functioning.

It is not possible for me to repair 2 TVs and pay heavy charges. While I bought a premium brand like Samsung thinking that I will not have to do rounds of the service centre like other inferior TV brands. I have bought a very expensive product and did not expect it to falter so soon.

Have tried to reach out to Samsung a number of times but nothing works!!!

Don't know what to do. Its been 3 months my TV is not working and inspite of being addicted to TV, I don't have any TV functioning to watch.

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