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Unethical behaviors by, hurted sentiments value, Ruined festival season

26-09-2017, 06:41 PM
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Unethical behaviors by, hurted sentiments value, Ruined festival season
Order ID: OD110275989628687000

Dear Sir/Madam,
I come from a middle income group with huge responsibilities, i live away from my family and supporting my family by working in Chennai due financial condition i couldn't be part of my family during this festive season,

Hence During the big billion sale i have ordered 21 clothes for my family, for durga puja, as we have a tradition to wear new clothes during puja, and this is the only time of the year we get new clothes for whole members in family and bed sheets etc.

on 22 September 2017 i have placed the orders by looking at all deliveries should be by on or before 26 September 2017, but after paying i found that one dress for kids is arriving by 3rd October by then the puja will be over, hence i have cancelled that particular item and ordered same item paying almost 50% additional which was having delivery by 27 September.

on 24th September i was going through my order status, and found all orders have been cancelled and few of them returned, it was shocking moment for me to see this, i thought of reordering but most of the items were sold out and the available items delivery was on 5th october by then the puja fever also will be over, hence i called flipkart, the executive told that i have cancelled all the items, which was not true, as i have stated above i had to replace 1 item due delay delivery.(there is no where i found in cancellation policy where its mentioned that "if you cancel one item mean everything will be cancelled") i ask them for that T&C as i couldn't find it nor it was mentioned anywhere in, however i was requesting to re initiate the orders as i have already paid, but i was refused, then i have requested him to connect me to his senior in a hope to get help, but i was placed on hold for over 15 minutes and they disconnected the phone, again i called to flipkart i told my issue but she couldn't help she is was simply saying she can't help, and i requested for her senior she started behaving rudely and simply she put call on hold but after waiting moreover 15 minutes somebody answered the call told himself he is supervisor, at first i told the lady was very rude they do not have courtesy to handle customers situation, and briefed about my situation, then he said you can reorder all the items and will deliver by 30th September, i was hopeful by thinking at list on the day of dushera my family will have new clothes, the way he was talking i felt he is trying to fool me hence i asked him how will you ensure that my family will received the clothes by 30 sep, and he started will try to re initiate the hold items or will put special message to seller that they will try to deliver by 30, i asked are you promising or trying, because i dont want to be a fool again, then he started beating around bush by dragging the conversation after i asked him to consult with the his manager and give me call, and as of now they have not called me today i have received partial refund.
but its something not going to help me nor my family as the festival started and due flip-kart my family sentiment got hurt, they had to stay without without a new clothes during these festive season only i can imagine the kind of mental condition and pain they are passing through. hence i will make responsible for playing with sentiment of customer.

and would like file a case against for ruining the festive season and hurting the sentimental value of my family. also i will take this matter to all corner of the country and to govt of India how digitization can ruin festive season of a common men's family.

kind let it reach to concern person that i can get justice, and should be penalized for such sin .
Prakash Kumar

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