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Too much MTS data usage

17-03-2014, 08:52 PM (This post was last modified: 19-03-2014 09:56 PM by Expert.)
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Too much MTS data usage
Hi,, ------incorrect usage of internet with mts Mblaze data card
I am new to MTS and bought this new mblaze card 9150624258.Not only that I am using it for almost 20 days now and the Irony I have not made any major downloads. And almost more than 5 GB has been used up. It is so unbelievable i have also mailed them so many times and the issue is still not addressed to. When I call them no one seems to even know the issue. Very poorly trained staff. Struggle to construct a single sentence in English. How can you use up 5 GB just be browsing websites?? Its not the first time I using a dongle and this is outrageous.

I have only updated my os max which would have consumed 1 GB!! which itself seems too weird! And plus its so difficult to work on Linux. The stupid Dongle does not install properly and a lot of time just stops working in the middle after taking ages to initialize.

Even referred a friend and he also bought along with some others and all of them are very unsatisfied so I have decided to post this. Soon even my friend will start posting their problems.

I have not done major downloads and still can not believe how so much of bandwith has been used up. I think this is an organised scam. People must start to keep track of how much they are using!

Email complaints are useless. I am planning to start my escalation process to the nodal officer and so on up if this problem is not resolved. And if this keeps happening I might as well as disconnect this inefficient service.
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18-03-2014, 11:19 AM
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RE: Too much data usage
First you need to find out whether your dongle eats up bandwidth when your computer is in sleep.

Second a very common issue is that if you add up all small bits of downloads and usage it usually adds up to 5 GB easily. In short it is very likely that company's stats are correct.

I suggest you try downloading a calculated piece of data in a few days and see how much bandwidth it uses. 99.99% of times it should be correct.

It is not the amount that matters. It is more of my self-respect as an educated consumer!Shy
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19-03-2014, 02:28 PM
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RE: Too much data usage
Thank you for your reply.

I did. I don't let my comp sleep I shut it down. The second thing Just right now I checked my balance was .5878.44MB and after I GOOGLED THIS TOPIC AGAIN. AND OPENED 4 PAGES, THEN OPENED TWO OF THEM AND WAITED FOR A COUPLE OF MINS AND CHECKED THE BALANCE WITH THE HELP OF THE DONGLE'S APP. NOW MY BALANCE IS 5864.44.... 14MB FOR A GOOOOOGLE SEARCHHHHHHHH!!!!

And I have used several dongles before and I used to be in a monthly plan of 3 or 5 gb mostly and after extensive usage I mean very extensive usage.. massive downloads,facebook etc I would still end up with some bandwidth left towards the end of the month which I would use just before the billing is over.

But with MTS IS A SCAM!! .. I just received a mail a reply to my mail 15/3/2014 They state that there is no miscalculation in their records and that my 'ISSUE WOULD BE RESOLVED' IN 14 HOURS. hmmmm. How???

Please tell me how opening a google search page lets keep it 50 pages. just the results not the actual webpage would eat up 14 MB of data. IS IT POSSIBLE. I would like to put up screen shots and even video. But time is the essence. ---- But I think I would soon.

Now because of me my other friend who bought the dongle with me is cursing me! I guess I should have minded my own business than to refer the product. Never thought MTS would do this. And the customer care executive struggle to construct a single proper sentence in English! And they don't understand what I say and the vice versa. And now it seems others are sort of coming to the same conclusion in my friend circle. I have 4 more of the same case.

Plus the device is pathetic with linux systems and the info provided in the manual is in sufficient when it comes to Linux installation.
Installation was never a prob with any other dongle, I have used all of them at one point of time.

The reason I chose MTS was to switch over from the traditional brands dominance, so that good service may be achieved but this is ridiculous. How many people will take the consumer for a ride!

And to think I was planning to buy 3 of them!!!!!

I am very disappointed as a customer. Sad
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19-03-2014, 02:43 PM
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RE: Too much data usage
Opening a web page can cause .5-4 MB of download quota. Please use this tool: to check a web page's size.

I suggest you download a file from a mirror or sourceforage of 10 MB or more to be sure that it reflects that download size.

Here is 7 MB download:

click download match with the MTS device.

It is not the amount that matters. It is more of my self-respect as an educated consumer!Shy
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19-03-2014, 08:39 PM
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RE: Too much data usage (mts usage miscalculation)
oh ok.. (could not paste the link)search I did and this the total 142.8kb... I remember opening 5 to six pages max so --714 kb and i opened this forum lets say another 5 times to login
(could not paste link from tools.pingdom)

Thread-Too-much-data-usage#.UymsEqiSy6o- 439.7 kb lets say another 5 times to login 2198.5kb.. and lets even presume I opened something else lets say my mail and its something like 3 mb. I still dont cross 5 or 6 mb where as the system showed 14.33 mb usage(not exact) but 14 mb for sure.

I am coming to a understand that when they offered free 10 GB for a new device they must have meant 2 or 3 GB only which is inflated to 10 GB. And I do a lot travel and a lot of usage of net through out the country and I have tata photon also which I use when I prefer. Airtel 3G also. In my other premises I have not used MTS, in bangalore. Will check it.

But It is clear the usage meter definitely not exact for sure.

I am :exclamation:Disappointed. Exclamation
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04-06-2017, 12:43 AM
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RE: Too much MTS data usage
Hi, I'm a MTS user for the past two years . I've recharged it on 21 May 2017 for 1599 plan for which I got 50 GB .And now when I checked my balance it shows wrong data balance
MTS NUMBER : 8645829783

I'm not getting any response from you . I would like the issue to be solved out very soon .
Very irresponsive network providers Sad
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