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Macbook Air spoiled by iServe Apple, Mumbai

10-01-2013, 07:38 PM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2013 02:19 PM by Expert.)
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Macbook Air spoiled by iServe Apple, Mumbai
There was a small amount of water spill on the keyboard due to which a few buttons on my keyboard were gone a bit sticky. I found "iServe apple" on Google and they assured that they are experts and can clean it up with the alcohol in a few hours.

Last week I gave them my Macbook Air and sat there for 4 hours, they told me that since it is the latest model they are not familiar with the assembling. That moment I realized that I had made one of the worst mistakes of my life by going to them.

Waited there for a few hours and then I was told by them that somehow the keyboard has stopped working and they are trying to figure it out. They asked for more time to fix that therefore I left the machine with them and went back home with a promise from them to have it delivered to my home the very same evening.

I called them at 8.30 PM to find out the status and thats when they told me that machine is dead now and they are trying to figure out the problem.

Next morning they delivered the machine to my home with a dead keyboard & a Sorry word.

I took my Macbook to the Apple authorized service center and got it scanned completely. Apple guys told me that during the assembling process iServe had broken the wifi and display card of my machine that needs replacement.

Total damage caused by iServe to my machine is more than Rs.40,000. I am taking the case to the consumer court to seek the damages from iServe apple.

Its my warning to all those planning to visit them, please don't even think about it.
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04-03-2013, 08:44 PM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2013 10:59 AM by Expert.)
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RE: Macbook Air spoiled by iServe Apple, Mumbai
First of all, to justify the problem with your keyboard, it was significant amount of liquid spill on your laptop not SMALL AMOUNT, and if you are quite thorough with apple product and Google then please know that now, if not then, that even a small amount of liquid spill can spoil your logicboard (Motherboard) of the device, which can apparently start giving you lot of problems at once.
Getting a keyboard sticky is not just the problem associated with the liquid spill, there were already problems on the motherboard due to the spill and any liquid damage device can’t be assured of any persisting problems unless and until you open it for diagnosis.
On Top of this with regards to your comment, that we mentioned being not familiar with this latest model is completely unacceptable as ‘ which service station will tell you this to prove their capability and experience in the field they are? ‘.
Regarding the time taken to diagnose the problem, it was little bit more as due to the liquid presence on the logicboard it was sometime not powering on and to figure this out any service station needs ample of time, as we have to go through lot of small details for this type of jobs.But that was no issue at all as it was figured out and you must be happy that after this, your logicboard problem is also solved and till today you are not facing that powering on issue, otherwise Apple would have also quoted you for the replacement of the logicboard.
Keyboard as you say was already defective, so this proves that the liquid inside the machine had already started doing the job (Started damaging your components)
On Delivery of the product to your home, there was only one thing not working which was keyboard, which was defective anyhow at the first instance for which the job was booked, at that time there was no hint of any display or WIFI issue as you had personally turned on the machine and checked everything and this was proved by you only, when you accepted the delivery, otherwise if there was any display or wifi issue, No sensible person will not accept the delivery.
So accordingly looking at the complete scenario everyone can now figure it out that the laptop when given to you was in complete working condition apart from the keyboard issue (which was defective from the start of the job only) and primarily this was proved by you accepting the delivery of the product on complete check up with your own hands including the Wifi, Display etc. “who knows what had happened between you accepting the delivery and this day of you complaining about our company”
You are just trying to make your pocket easy for the amount you had to spend for the new keyboard and any other things which would have been affected by liquid spill by trying to involve our company into this unjustifiable comments and giving us the bad reputation for the job not spoiled by us.
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04-03-2013, 09:30 PM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2013 11:00 AM by Expert.)
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RE: Macbook Air spoiled by iServe Apple, Mumbai
Dear iServe,

After I realized that I had given my Macbook in the wrong hands I made sure to collect enough proof of your incompetence. Because I knew that moment I would publish this you would come up with some weird justifications. Here are my supportings to the statements made by me -

1. I have a recorded phone call where Mr. Jigar Seth(owner iServe) himself told me that "Since it is the latest model of macbook air which just got released it hasn't come for the repair and therefore we have not opened any yet. In older models it was very easy to open, they have made it very complex now"

2. Apple authorised on complete analysis told us that the Wifi and display card is common through a single connector and it got broken while opening the macbook air. You guys simply fixed it by putting some kind of adhesive on it. It is clearly mentioned in their report.

3. I took the delivery without testing the machine as I wanted to salvage whatever was left. Do you have a delivery challan signed by me which says "Received in working condition"?

4. I have also recorded the conversation between me and your delivery boy who came to drop the macbook to my place. In the recording he says "Your macbook repair guys struggled till very late evening and could not figure out how to switch it on. Then this guy who repairs iphones figured it out after a lot of struggle"

I have NO intention of spoiling your firm's reputation or business or making you pay for the damages. If I really wanted that I could have done that very well. All I expect from you is an email of apology for all the trouble caused.

I will take my complains back from this forum and Google.


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20-06-2014, 01:18 PM
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RE: Macbook Air spoiled by iServe Apple, Mumbai
This guys are not professional, they will charge you for doing nothing.
Dont waste your time with them.
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