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Dentist pulls natural teeth for money sake

01-03-2013, 02:30 PM
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Dentist pulls natural teeth for money sake
Hello My dear brothers and Sisters,
Be aware when you visit dentists. Unless you have any major problem dentists will always try to pull money from you by misguiding you.
Though they are aware of value of natural teeth, they just pull them for just money sake.
Worse case happened with me, I had two partially decayed front teeth and I had a Class III underbite. I did not had any problem or pain, though doctor suggested me to pull all front four teeth and making a bridge. I was totally not aware of the impact of removing the teeth. He did not tell me the complications of pulling natural teeth.
Just for money sake, he forced me and washed my brain completely and pulled 4 of upper front teeth and gave me metal bridge.
I believed him totally because he is a MDS and a professor in Dental college.
Without guiding me, he just pulled my natural teeths and ruined my life
I do not have any legal documents to complaint against him, so adding my suffering feelings here...Mind you I am only 27 year male.
My pray to GOD that none of the dentist do like this for humans.

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