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Complaint against Raja Hospital, Nawanshahr,Punjab

23-04-2013, 04:14 PM (This post was last modified: 24-04-2013 02:36 PM by Expert.)
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Complaint against Raja Hospital, Nawanshahr,Punjab
Dear Sir/Mam

I would like to register complaint against Raja Hospital Chandigarh Road, Nawanshahr (PB).

I would like to draw your attention that myself Ashok Kumar was suffering from Stone problem on 19th Jan 2013. First of all when i was suffered from the stone pain then i have admitted at around 01:30 am in Saini Hospital which is nearby to my location. He admitted me and give some injection or drip to me to control that horrible pain. In the morning he transferred me for Ultra -sound at Raja Hospital Nawanshar (Punjab).Then at Raja Hospital Dr. Jaswinder Singh scanned me and give me reports in which it was noticed that i have two pieces of stone i.e 3mm and 4 mm.

I have started my medicines from some other hospital but after few days i have noticed that pain is still same which was noticed in starting phase.Then i again visited Raja Hospital at that time i met with Dr.Amrinder Singh he scanned me there and asked that there is not even a single stone in my abdomen.

No one is believed on me that i have pain on my abdomen due to stone.I HAVE SUFFERED FROM LOTS OF PROBLEM DUE TO THEIR NEGLIGENCE ON PATIENT.
I came back from there with satisfaction that i am completely all right.

But after 17/4/2013 i agian felt some pain and i went to some other Diagnostic Centre i.e Doaba Hospital & Scan Centre .Where i have got scanned again .and it has been recognised by Dr.Rita that there is stones which are still remain same or of same size.

and same day i went to Raja Hospital and met with the Dr.Jaswinder Singh about the enquiry of same .Then he took scanning of the same again and asked me that there is no stone in your abdomen at all.

Then i got confused that Doaba reports says that there is stone and Rja Hospital says that there is no stone.

Then i decided to scan the same from some other scanning centre for confirmation of the same.

Then on dated 22/4/2013 i went to Kapur Diagnostic Centre Nawanshahr,where i met with Dr.Neerja Kapoor and She scanned my abdomen and came to noticed that i have both the stones (3mm - 4mm) and 5 mm .Now i was sure or confirmed that i have stones.

In raja Hospital all the doctors were telling lie that there is no stone.

Due to this non - seriousness towards there profession i have got harrased mentally.I was totally disturbed for 6 days. What to do or what not to do. No one in my office believed me that i am suffering from this pain and even my boss gave me warning for this.

This is situation can happen with anyone who are getting treatment there.I thought these types of doctors should not be there in the hospital .

These types of doctors are responsible for creating bad reputation/ image of Hospitals.


Thanks !

Ashok Kumar
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24-04-2013, 02:44 PM (This post was last modified: 24-04-2013 02:45 PM by Expert.)
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RE: Complaint against Raja Hospital, Nawanshahr,Punjab
You're lucky you did not lose much beyond some mental tension. I won't call it case of negligence but in which may be doctors themselves don't have good knowledge in their field. It could be called judgemnent error.

You can leave this case here and since it is service quality issue, there isn't much you do against the hospital or doctors.

Just think of those doctors whose become so using Reservation getting 0 or even minus marks in medical entrance exams. And India is full of such doctors who don't know anything. Even political leaders who espouse reservation for them, avoid going to such doctors themselves.

It is not the amount that matters. It is more of my self-respect as an educated consumer!Shy
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