Video Card not supported with my Lenovo PC


I Purchased Lenovo C200 all in one pc recently , is in worranty ,but I found that the higher resolution games are not working on that and the message is "Video card is not supporting"

Here by I want to ask , can I change mother board and processor for this , if yes ,whre I can get this. I am looking for processor speed 2.2 gz,with graphic card of 1gb

Thanks n advance


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If you change motherboard and processor, what else will be left in your PC? :)
What it means that your video game requires more resolution. You'll simply need to buy the Graphics Card which supports the required resolution. This simply need to be plugged into say the PCIX slot and that all is needed.

There are tons of graphics cards are present. Have look at Nvidia graphic card listing in Ebay.
Get back here if you need more help!

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