Unsatisfactory Samsung!!

I have had complaints of Refrigerator's for 7 months but no action taken. Company took INR 8K as estimated but nothing was done.
It has broken down 4 times within a year and every time I am told by the service agents that it is just a gas leak . After the claimed “fix” has been done it again stops working within a few weeks
What kind of a fix is that ? It is more like you guys deliberately prolong the time just so that the warranty expires and you don’t have to actually repair or replace it.
Also every time I did follow up with the customer service the agent only showed up after weeks , just wasting the time again
It came to the point that after calling multiple times as well the agent stopped coming to my place to fix it
Your customer service is just a scam to dupe us and not actually deliver what you promised .
When I am entitled to 3months of warranty after fixed why was it not fixed properly and why should I be following up for the same problem for months !!!! And it still did not get resolved !!!
I want a fix this asap or either replace the Refrigerator all together
I have really run out of my patience with you guys and need a solution now .
I won’t refrain from filing a case against you guys in consumer court. Kindly consider this as legal notice reminder second!!!!!

This is highly unacceptable and not expected from such a big and known brand name like Samsung.

That's fraud of taking money and no relief for Complain no 1170473558 1170545852, 1169470769, 4295981222

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