Uber doesn't have a customer care number and their system has some flaw. Because of this I lost my expensive mobile phone. I travelled by Uber on 28 April 2019 and forgot my mobile in the car. I got down inside our apartment and immediately after entering the house, I realised that I forgot the mobile in the car. I tried to look for a customer care number. In the absence of which I tried to complain online. Their system says I have not undertaken any trip recently. Lodged a request with the police station at Sector 23, Dwarka, we were redirected to approach the Uber office in Gurgaon. On reaching there, Uber office is so secured that they don't allow us inside. Had to wait outside and after some time one lady comes with a small slip and asks me to fill it up with the travel details. After abourt 30 - 40 minutes, she comes with another lady and says the driver said there was no mobile in the car. If they had a customer care number we would have contacted and got the phone back before the driver went far away. Please help me recover my mobile or the damage from Uber.


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