Uber driver in NCR

Uber driver was constantly talking on the phone when I told him to drive on the left so as to not miss a left cut. Missing that left cut would mean a long roundabout route to my destination.
He not only missed the cut, he also started arguing that there was no such left cut. And he kept on arguing pointlessly and suggested "since I am rude why don't you get down right here". So I got down, paid him via Google Pay and ended it. Now I'm in the middle of a highway, trying to catch another cab and I notice that this fellow has marked the trip as "not paid". Which means if I want to book another Uber I gotta pay this fellow double!
Clearly this kind of people are allowed to enroll because of lack of correct controls on the part of Uber. But as consumers what can we do? I have already raised the issue of double payment with Uber.

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