Tata capital not getting refund of extra EMI's


Myself Vivek Chauhan and I have take a long from tata capital Ahmedabad. My consumer durable loan account number is 3919690.

It has been 2 months and there is no resolution of my complaint. They have deducted 2 EMI’s together and they said they will refund me that amount within 7 working days. Since then no one is replying me back on top of that when I called them on customer care number 1800 209 6060 there are few guys I have been talking to are not co-operative at all.

Ankush, Hitesh, Nikhil… specially their senior Ravindra who had promised me 10 times but he has failed and he is not coming on call at all.

Refund amount is: 4434.

As a customer it is very frustrated because they had already deducted 2 EMI’s together and it has been 2 months that no one is helping me to resolve this issue.

This was third month and even if there is an additional EMI deposited with them they are still deducting amount every month.

I have called them 300 times and I also have their recordings. Whenever I call them they will get my basic details and keep my call on waiting for 5 hours and after waiting they will cut my call. I have all the recordings and evidences with me.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?


Vivek Chauhan

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