Super DISAPPOINTED with the voltas product and service.

I am using a voltas vertis premium(2.0T) model for the past 4 years and it has only added more problems to our life rather than reducing!!
Initially, when we installed(in 2010) it used to leak so in order to avoid the bed getting wet we had to switch the ac off which made us think what have we paid for?
several complaints were made to the vendor but all in vain. summer ended we stopped following up and vice versa.
The next summer(2011), when we wished to use our so called "Air Conditioner" it had stopped cooling which ideally we had barely used the previous year.
So we had to register our complaint the regular process the service guy refilled the gas(i dont understand why?) and left. The cooling was there but it was still leaking so again we hardly used it!
Then the next summer(2012) again the same problem(had to refill it again) this time with a new problem addition the PCB had some issue and need to be replaced(this is what we were told) so the service centre guys took our original PCB replaced it with a "TEMPORARY"(which eventually became permanent as it is still not replaced)universal PCB and the original remote and gave us a stupid remote which barely works assuring us that they will get the original PCB at the earliest but they just disappeared. Although the leakage stopped but this time the cooling was not as it used to be also the display and obviously all other features were a waste without the original PCB. No one really bothered to get back with the original piece that year or even the year later.
In 2013 we never got the time to contact these people who we expected to get back without complaining but its too much to ask for from the VOLTAS service cause basically there is ZERO Service.
This year i have been following up since march with the people and they have either stopped answering my calls or have been giving me never ending excuses right from-
1. your PCB has been ordered we will get it in few days.
2.Ya we have got it will send the guy( who NEVER turns up)
3. oh sorry, its been 2 years we need to take a picture of what exactly is your PCB and when i call back telling no one has come i get this,
4. we did'nt have a camera today so could'nt send any guy across- i mean seriously is that even an excuse??? every other mobile phone has a camera these days!!!!
Tired of all this i had to get back to my vendor who tried at his level but all in vain..
Finally i had to request some other service guys to check and at least get the ac working considering the heat its impossible to survive without an ac and its even more torturous when you have one hanging on your wall but its not working!!!
So when he came to check the issue i was told one of the pipes in the outdoor unit had a leakage which apparently was a "manufacturing defect" so Finally i got an answer for refilling the gas every time which actually made no sense!! i fail to understand for the past 3 years what were these guys doing when they refilled the gas (without the ac being used) other than charging me Rs.2450,Rs.1500,Rs.1850 respt. EVERY YEAR!! While this year i had to pay Rs.3000 just to get the ac working.
And in spite of all this i still have NOT received my original PCB and my remote which I was supposed to recieve today before 5pm. according to the last conversation i had with the service center in charge on Sat(10-05-2014) plus the cooling is still an issue basically it is WASTE!!!
I wont be surprised if I don't get a reply to this considering my experience. :mad:But, I hope someone will atleast make an effort to read this and do something about the whole service scene!!!

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