Rude, unapologetic and negligent Dr Jarvis Pereira

Have you come across this doctor or know of him and agree with me?

  • Yes

  • Ofcourse. I think the hospital authorities should do something about it

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Had an encounter with a tall, dark and heavy weighted doctor, Dr Jarvis Pereira, at Bombay hospital two months ago. He was flirty at first which seemed like he had experience being that way with other female patients and turned out to be very rude after I did not revert back with any signals. He was more interested in the Facebook and chess app on his phone and in my opinion is very unfit to be working in such a prestigious hospital.
I also overheard that the ENT fellow working under Dr Nupur in Bombay hospital is under the influence of recreational drugs. Has got to be this one I’m sure.
After speaking to one of the staff members I got to know that there have been three complaints against Dr Jarvis Pereira for being rude and dazed at work and one major complaint about his negligence during duty hours, but no action seemed to have been taken which is why he behaved the same way with me.
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Hey. Heard about this. He said he doesn't smoke when asked. But he definitely seems like a manipulative liar. Also he did check his phone a couple of times and all of this makes sense now. I would like to add that I personally witnessed him being very rude to a man. Maybe a coworker or cleaner but it was quite rude.

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