provided with inferior and defetctive quality dell laptop, now sixth time laptop part have been failed.

I paid rs 40000 for dell laptop(7p9v232) on 4/3/2015, within 3 months laptop started giving problem. They formatted it first and latter, said mother board problem, they replaced it. second time they said LCD screen problem , they replaced it. third time keyboard keys not working, they replaced it. I feared about its proper functioning in future, i extended the warranty by paying rs 9000 till 19 th april 2018. Forth time keyboard was not working they replaced it. Fifth time wifi unit was not working they replaced it. then they said charger is not correct, they replaced it. On 24/01/2018. I noticed pixel ringing effect along with a crack on LCD and a heated concentrated point at the bottom of LCD. It was not an accident, it was due to internal heat and pressure on screen because no physical scars are there on the screen or complete panel. This time i am asked to pay Rs 14560 for the replacement after wasting my 6 days. With this history, no garenty that this laptop will work good after my warranty period is over. Dell has provided me defective inferior quality laptop. Every time i have requested them to replace the defective laptop, but they did not do so.
Dell manufacturers and Brigthsum Dell Exclusive store Kalaburagi has cheated by providing defective and inferior quality me and wasted my valuable time. I need justice in this case , please guide me to take case to consumer court.

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