Pathetic Service for Samsung Mobile

I don't know whether to feel pity or disgraced with the kind of post sales services of samsung service centre.
I had bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand - 2 on the year 2014. Since my purchase there have been occasions where I had to visit the samsung service centre 4 times till date for getting my phone repaired. The quality of the phone that I was expecting is absolutely not upto the mark. However this is no the point I wanted to put forth. Rather one common trend that I have noticed is that whenever you put your phone for service, the first thing that they do is format the phone even if that is not required. I have failed to understand the logic behind this.

On 25th Aug 2017, I visited for the 3rd time to Samsung Service Centre (Sprimon, Bhubaneswar, Odisha) as my phone was not working properly. The first response I got from the service centre was that the phone mother board might be damaged or display board needs to be replaced. I asked about the cost of the same and I was replied that for mother board it would cost around 5k and in case of display it will cost around 4k. I said to the executive in that case it will be better for me to buy a new phone rather then spending do much on the service. Hence please repair the phone only in case there is any minor fault or return it back to me. He asked me to leave the phone and informed me that I will be called and informed about the fault by the evening and then they will go for the final repair after my approval. Till 29th Aug 2017, I did not receive any call from the service centre and neither were my phone calls being attended. Hence I visited the centre in the evening to enquire. To my surprise the executive said the phone has still not been checked as there is a delay in the services due to GST roll out. Now what has GST to do with this?? I said then please return my phone as I will prefer to get it repaired somewhere else rather then waiting so long. To this the executive requested me to wait for 15 mins and she will get my phone repaired. In about 30 mins she came back and said the phone has been repaired and the fault was with the connector. I had to pay Rs.500 for this service.

Within 7 to 10 days time my phone again started showing the same problem of automatically getting restarted or switching off. On 5th Sept 2017 I again visited the service centre and told them that the problem has still not been resolved. The executive took the phone for checking and returned back saying the display has been damaged and there is no option other then replacing it. I said to him that I am confident that again the issue must be with the connector but he refused. I then returned and went to a local mobile repairing shop which repaired my phone within 15 mins and it costed just Rs.200.

I leave the conclusion to the reader and also repeat once more whether I should feel pity for Samsung or disgraced for such services. I must now say Micromax met with its fate just because of this cheating attitude and pathetic services and now its Samsung's turn.

Today Samsung is cheating its loyal customers and the day is nor far off when these customers will give back the company in the same way...

Yours truly

Manoranjan Mahakud

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