MTNL Broadband - Fraud


I request you to take action against MTNL,

We have been using MTNL broadband from few years and were quiet happy . Now recently they advertised about a new plan in the newspaper so we called them for the same . The customer care lady who actually did not want to help just said what we want and activated the plan without checking if that plan is supported in our area, building ,etc. We work from home and we need internet 24 hours and we told her about it. But this lady just screwed it up. The day she activated the plan from that day our internet stopped working, it works for few minutes , stops, again work for sometime , due to this our work is affected,our boss is getting angry.

We complained over 50 times actually more than that .. Trust me sir called them so many times but these ladies who work they disconnected the call, said server issues , etc and gave useless excuses.

We got to know from a local MTNL person that the wiring for the new plan is not at all done in our area and the lady who activated this should have asked us first before doing that as that is their responsibility .. Now because of them we are suffering. Its been a month we are just complaing, we went to the Local MTNL office but still they are not helping.

I want you to sue them and take legal actions against them.

Ankit -- 9967675490

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