Misbehaved by Air India

Dear Sir\ Madam,

I would like to bring this matter in your notice that I was troubled while I was travelling from India (Bhopal) to UAE (Dubai) on 1 December 2013 by Air India Airlines. Because of the flight delay from Bhopal to Delhi authority didn't allow me to board my Dubai flight.

I have booked my Air India ticket from Bhopal to Dubai which was Bhopal to Delhi and then connecting flight from Delhi to Bhopal. I have opted this option of connecting flight so that I need not to move my check-in bags as I am 4 month pregnant. But just 2 hours before my flight (Bhopal-Delhi) I got a SMS that this flight got delayed by 1 hour. I was worried as my connecting flight from Delhi to Dubai had only 1 hour 20 min difference. After the delay I will get only 20 mins to catch my flight. I immediately called Air India customer care and told them the concern. They said you go to Bhopal airport and contact our manager there. They will help you out. When I met the manager he said we will try to make it work you don't worry. I told him about my pregnancy and told him I cannot take stress. He said you don't worry I am giving you boarding pass of the connecting flight and our Air India team in Delhi will help you out. He added that he has sent them message also. Then I asked him to give me some contact person name in Delhi from Air India so that I can contact them if I face any issue. He refused saying that whoever is available at airport will help you and I can't give you any contacts.

When I reached Delhi airport it was 8:20pm and my next flight from Delhi to Dubai was at8:40pm. I was rushing for the flight although I could not run due to my condition. Suddenly one guy from Air India staff has come and was asking who has Dubai flight. I raised my hand so he said "Madam you have only 20 mins to catch the flight and you have to run to catch it." I said I can't run because I am pregnant. So he said then you can't catch the flight. He took me to the Air India counter and they said "Madam you cannot catch this flight. We are deleting your name from the boarding list." And then they asked me to collect my bag. I immediately called my husband who was waiting for me in Dubai. I shouted on them for their behavior but nothing was solved. After waiting there for some time I've collected my bags which I was trying to avoid. I told them that it is not my fault and Air India has to take care of this.

They said they will give me next day flight ticket that is after 24 hours and they can provide me hotel to stay until my flight time. I asked them to give me early flight ticket as I have no one there in Delhi and I am not comfortable staying alone in hotel for a day in this condition. I was already tired due to journey and staying in hotel is a headache for me. They said we will try in Emirates airline as they have flight for Dubai at 4:10 am from Delhi. But we are not sure whether they will give ticket or not. We can confirm only at 3:30am. I asked them that its 9pm and you will confirm me about this flight at 3:30am then where will I stay by that time. They said we will try to give you a room in airport hotel itself. I said "Ok No problem". They have given me next day Air India flight's boarding pass by saying that while we are trying to reserve Emirates ticket for you, take this pass so that security will allow you to stay in airport hotel and then they asked me to wait in visitor's lounge. I asked manager to give me his mobile number so that I can call him if somebody troubles me or anybody asks any question regarding my ticket/stay. He refused to give me his contact number instead he asked to call 24*7 mobile help line numbers if I need any assistance. I was afraid that they are leaving me alone there and not giving any contact number. I requested them 3-4 times to give at least one staff member's number but refused very badly and instead of fulfilling their responsibilities they were showing like they are favoring me.

I was waiting in visitor's lounge while everybody back my home was worried about my health due to this stress and all. After waiting 1 hour in visitor's lounge one guy came to me and asked me to return the boarding pass of next day flight and gave me a paper saying that "your ticket to emirates 4:10 flight has confirmed and this is the ticket". It was 10:10pm. I asked them where will I wait till 3:30 as flight is at 4:10am. They said now we can't give you stay as you have to wait just for 2-3 hours then gates will be opened and you can go inside. I said sitting on these chairs it not safe for me as this is my 4 month of pregnancy. I requested them to give me a comfortable seat where I can lay down. But they didn't. I was very upset with their behavior but I was helpless. I asked them to provide me food at least as I can't go anywhere with those heavy bags. They said we will try. After 40-50 min one guy came with 1 bowl of burnt rice and curd and said madam this is your dinner. It was very bad and burnt. I have taken its photo as well. Then I slept on chair and was waiting for gates to be opened for my flight.

At 1 o'clock one staff member from Air India came to me and said madam your ticket is not confirmed by Emirates and now you can travel only tomorrow evening by next Air India flight. That moment I was shocked that they lied to me 3 hours ago that my flight is confirmed and now they are saying it's not. I was very angry and with tears in my eyes I asked them that is this the way you handle your passenger. They said madam we will call taxi for you and you have to go to our hotel. I asked them that is it safe to send a female who is pregnant couldn't sleep for whole night to a hotel at 1 o'clock in the night in Delhi? I asked them to write it in a paper that it is safe and they will be responsible for my safely. They denied to do so. I said then I can't go to hotel. And I asked them to arrange my ticket in the Emirates flight at any cost. I literally fought with they with so many tears in my eyes. I was so helpless. I asked them to allow me to talk Emirates directly so that I can explain them my condition and may be they can provide me ticket. They said security won't allow you to go there. I spoke to the security guy who was standing there. He said there is no issue as you have waiting ticket slip you can go and talk with them. but still Air India manager was not allowing me to go inside. They (security guy and Air India member) fought with each other on this matter and finally after the drama fight they allowed me to go inside.

I went to emirates authority person and had a word with them. It was 2am. They said wait for sometime then only we will be able to confirm that whether we can provide you a ticket or not. Again one manager from Air India came and tried to convince me to take next day flight and suggested to go to hotel but now I had no trust on them and I refused. They have not even offered the chair or water to me. There was nothing to sit. I sat on my trolley. After 1.5 hour Emirates confirmed the ticket and finally at 3:30am I got my ticket to Dubai.

1) In this whole story I have met so 4-5 Air India managers and I had to tell my whole problem to each of them because their duty shift was changing. And they have not given me any contact person name or number whom I can contact all the time.
2) Everybody from Air India was trying get rid of this case.
3) They have treated me very badly and lied many times like-
1) We will give you accommodation in airport itself.
2) My ticket has been booked
3) you cannot talk to Emirates authority etc.
4) They have offered bad food.
5) Even after knowing that I am pregnant they had no courtesy to help me or guide me correctly.

Impact of their mismanagement:-

1) The whole night I was stressed and helpless which is not at all good in pregnancy.
2) I have troubled my husband based out in Dubai, whole night. He was worried about my health and couldn't sleep whole night.
3) I couldn't sleep that whole night due to which I was ill for next whole week.

Air India has treated me very badly and they should now compensate for this. I have all my boarding passes and food pic as proof. What is Air India's next course of action I am willing to know that.
Coutomer is the very important for standing a business.Notice consumer complaints because it is create a feedback for your company. Don't misbehaved with coutomers. It is shame for you and destroy your company reputation

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