LG Split AC is not working


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Hi, I am Madhu from Chennai.I bought my L.G.split A.C on 15-Apr-2013 from Asia Sales Agencies,OMR, retail outlet. and Model no is LSA5EW3V ,AC installation in the home was done by the LG technician. Initially.its working fine.After 6 months on words my ac is not cooling.LG Engineers coming and giving temporary solution not giving permenent solution past 1 year onwords.

Finally today LG engineers remarked condensor of ac has been leaked and it will cost around 5000 because your guarantee period of 1 yr has been over.I would like to request with your senior personnel to look into the matter sympathetically and resolve my problem in free of cost otherwise it is a big questionable for your product quality and your brand. I am your big and very old customer since long.I am waiting for two more days, otherwise i am going to consumer court at chennai.I am having all the details.

Thanks for Advance.

My Complaint no: RNA150614056601

LG Split AC - AMC denied and discrmination asking to speak in Hindi


My name is Shekar S from Hyderabad. Even though I have raised requests calling the LG India 800 number 3-4 times to extend my AMC, no one has come and collected it so far but when I called the 800 number today April 1, 2016 the customer care executive Mr. Bijoy (he said that this was his name) said that they have recorded stating that I have denied extending the AMC per their record which is not true. Just because they are not able to send someone to collect the amount from us ON PURPOSE they have recorded stating that we have denied extending the AMC.

Secondly, Mr. Bijoy and earlier also whenever I called the 800 number, they wanted me to speak in HINDI even though I have taken the option 2 (ENGLISH). This I feel is complete discrimination and harassment by LG India as they wanted me to speak in Hindi, the language which as a customer I cannot understand or speak properly. If they wanted me to speak only in Hindi why is LG India giving an option (2) for the customer to speak in English.

Thanks and regards,
Shekar S
If your air conditioner powers on but will not run, this is usually the result of an inadequate power supply for the unit. Turn the circuit breaker to the unit off and back on again. ... If the air conditioner requires a 208/230-volt power supply, the outlet must be rated to provide the proper power level to the unit.
If the air conditioner does not cool, the air filter might be clogged. In such a case, air cannot flow through properly which greatly reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Either clean the air filter or replace it as needed.

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