Improper Services

I bought the yearly subscription of VOOT 299 rs. I bought through mobile phone it give me option to take the subscription through your phone number which I did and paid for one year but I actually want to watch through my tv and on tv it only have the option to sign in through your email. They have no option to add the email, I don't watch through my phone. I am not using the services, it is pretty simple I requested to refund my money or else let me use, give me the option to add the email.

Phone number :8860495616
1. I ordered one 500 gms packet of Metio Fresh Chicken Keema and one packet of Metio Fresh Biryani Cut Chicken 500 gms and paid by my AXIS BANK debit card. The packets arrived within ten minutes. However, I paid the courier in cash though I had already paid through debit card and he nicely pocketed it . The order number was ORD701885380 and the amount came to Rs.318 which I again paid in cash which was double payment. I am 78 years old but the courier did not remind me that the packages were already paid for. Kindly arrange to refund the amount as I have paid twice. This was done yesterday, the 6th at around 5.30 in the evening.

2. This morning, at 10.37 am, I was delivered my order number ORD828723293 for one packet of Keventer's AlOo Paratha (Rs.98) and two packets of Moriesh Classic White Bread (rS. 56.00).. I paid for this by my earlier DEBIT CARD. The total bill amount came tp Rs.154. But on bringing up the package, I discovered that only one
packet of bread was there and the second packet was missing. If you check the record of delivery and order, you will find 2 packets have been paid for and not one. This courier informed me that I had already paid so I need not pay again.

My name is Dr.Shoma A. Chatterji and I live on 109/33, Hazra Road behind Paramount Nursing Home and this is my third order. I am a senior citizen so always prefer to paid by debit card and receive my packages with social distancing.
Kindly do the needful asap and oblige. I have just downloaded your App and have also registered my membership.
The other landmark for my address is that in the same building there is a tattoo parlour caled FOREVER POETRY. Please oblige soon as I am 78 years old and need quick and precise delivery.

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