Idea Cellular deducted Rs.30 from my balance of 7309727674

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On 30.08.2013 Idea deducted Rs.30 from my balance on account of some video supposed to have been downloaded by me. On complaint to their Customer Care they replied:-

"We would like to inform you that as per the careful scrutiny of our records, the deduction on your mobile is found to be correct. There has been data downloaded from your Idea mobile dated August 30, 2013 at 03:19:22 PM. We wish to inform you that downloading charges are as per the content download. We are unable to provide any reversal for same."

This is a completely bogus reply because:-
(1) How could I have downloaded any data at 03:19:22 PM when the actual download link by Idea was sent to me only at 03:21 PM? I have never downloaded any data at 03:19 PM, 03:21 PM or any time thereafter.
(2) If it is still claimed that I did use the download link, they should tell me the time for that.
(3) When I clicked the "vuclip" (at or before 03:19 PM), why Idea did not inform that it was a paid service?
(4) It is a clear-cut fraud and Internet is full of similar complaints from a large number of other customers of Idea.

An appeal to their Appellate Authority brought no response. I seek your help in getting the refund of Rs.30.

(Dr D C Singh)

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