idea 3g smartphone Worst Service


I have bought Idea 3G Smart Phone aurus 4 on 10 / 12 / 2013.
After three months screen shows white. I have asked to Idea 3G Smartphone Customer Service Center, Kolhapur, Maharashtra on 23 / 02 / 2014 . They told me that Mobile will repair within one week.

After week when i went to customer service office they told me, "We are not able to repair your mobile, we will change mobile motherboard and give you within this week."

I got Work Code Number from Idea Smartphone Service - " RVSRN1403MES00045 ".

After Seven days i visited to Customer service office they told , " Still mobile not recieved from Mumbai office." When I called Mumbai office, they told they have sent mobile to delhi office and will return in coming four days.

I called Idea 3G Smartphone customer service center ( 9881123578 ) they told they are not able to repair that mobile so we sent to Delhi office.

After that i called Mobile Supplier Pradeep Nare, he told me I will take responsbility and will provide mobile within five days. After five days he told i don't know about mobile contact to his senior Mohan Ambulkar.

When I called Mohan Ambulkar, he told me that he will take responsibility to repair mobile before Wendesday and will give you on Saturday. If Mobile will not recieve on Saturday I will provide new Mobile from Pradeep Nare.

When I called Pradeep Nare he told i am not able to give you mobile and do what you want.

Yesterday I called Mohan Ambulkar he told I have sent a mail and will provide mobile on Thursday but cann't replace mobile.

From last one and half month they giving false commitments.
I thought idea company is best in telecom, so lets try Idea 3G Samrtphone. Idea 3G Smartohone service is so pathetic that they lost Idea Cellulers reputation too.

I need my money back if Idea 3G Smartphone people are not able to repair my mobile, as it is more than one month. Compaies like Micromax providing best service but you people are failed here.


Sagar Shintre.
+91 7350507878

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