I have an icici prudental policy which i took in March 2012.But the agent cheated and kept the policy according to market plan rather than guaranteed plan.Then,i did not get documents for 6 months and had to go twice in icici prudential office to get my documents and they said that you cannot discontinue the policy now.Then in nov 2012,i got a call from some icici agent who said that there is a scheme to covert the policy into guaranteed plan.We paid the premium but he gave a new policy and policies were not merged.We checked online and found 2 policies and when we asked him,he assured us that policies are merged.

But when in march 2012,we started getting calls for premium payment,we got to know that policies are not merged.
We have been cheated twice with our hard earned money by a big brand like icici prudential. It is really pathetic.I lodged a complaint and instead of taking an action,.my complaint was declined. Whenever i got a call for premium ,i asked them for a call with higher administration but nobody responded back. ICICI PRUDENTIAL IS FILLED WITH CHEATERS WHO ENJOY ON PEOPLE'S MONEY.Further more,my policy is discontinued due to non premium payment.

I want an explanation on this and all my money back with interest from both policies.I will complain in customer court for this.
Now ,nobody is listening to my copaliant.Nobody is queryingg agents because of their misselling. Everything is assumed to be customer's mistake.
I will not leave this money.This is result of my hard work 12 hours a day.I want my money back.


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The truth is that most agents in India don't know about technical details about what they are selling. Only commission they receive.
Secondly such agents are everywhere.

If you've any written proof that the agent has deceived you then you should produce it before ICICI Prudential and they can take action against him.
If they don't you can approach IRDA and then consumer forum.

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