HDFC ERGO Mediclaim rejected Policy Number 2857202194200500

Dear Sir
I had taken HDFC Ergo Mediclaim policy my father before 2 years ago. My medical policy number is 2857202194200500 i had called to HDFC call center for my Father was have eye infection and doctor suggested operation. HDFC executive call back me for require check up and doctor prescription. after then HDFC Ergo send one his office person . to Mr. Ratparkhi. that time only my father and mother at home. He told to my father write one latter and mention matter of letter as he have this infection from 2 years then we will pass reimbursement or sanction mediclaim after your letter. but my father told him this infection is from only 6 months so why I am mention from 2 years. after then he told to my father as per My suggestion to write a letter and then he told to my father how to write the letter that is application for opration at Birla hospital Nashik and you will get permission before today night also told to my father don't worry you just write in letter as my father Mr. Vasant lokhande have infection is from last 2 years. and after then my father given in a written to HDFC ergo.
After My father asked him when he will admit to hospital he told to my father you can admit tomorrow for operation. My father said OK.
Then my father called me said all this discussion, and after then I had called to HDFC for this fraud and cheating by your company and mediclaim is rejected.

I had asked to HDFC at the time of medical test before purchased of claim my father was not any disease regarding EYE infection. how can said HDFC Ergo he have infection by 2 years to my fater also Hospital told to HDFC ERGO this not from 2 years.

Please accept my complaint against HDFC ERGO.

Revati mayuresh Lokhande
Policy HDFC ERGO Number : 2857202194200500

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