Drools Killer Pet Hole Ball - Misleading Ad - Almost Killed my Pet!

Drools India Pvt Ltd — Drools Nontoxic Rubber Hole Ball
I would like file a complaint against Drools India Pvt Ltd due to the following reasons:

I purchased Drools Hole Ball Dog Toy few months back. Drools claimed the ball to be safe, nontoxic and chewable for the pet.

My nightmare began when my pet chewed this "killer ball", swallowed a part of the ball, then it got lodged in the jejunum. My pet was in a critical condition and laparotomy surgery had to be done to save my pet dog.

Few questions to Drools company are:
1. When you mention chewable, there is always a chance that the ball or part of the ball can be swallowed by the pet, then why is the material not dissolvable or stomach friendly? Should I remind such a professional company to ensure the toy material is safe?

2. Pets are mouthless and their pain can be felt only through their actions, so there is always a chance that a problem can be diagnosed very late, so don't you think your company should be more responsible with the ads?

3. Why is your company misleading the public by claiming it is a chewable product when you cannot make the toy material safe for the pet?

4. My family and myself have undergone a lot of pain and agony, who will repay the nightmare we have undergone?

My pet is still recovering because of the killer ball. Since many pet owners have purchased this product already, your company is endangering the lives of many pets.

Kindly stop misleading and manufacturing such type of killer products. I want to sue this company. Someone kindly help.


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