CITI Bank - The Worst Experience I am having

Dear All,
I took a loan on Credit Card from Citi Bank for Rs. 3 Lacs for 48 months @ 20% ROI. It was urgently required so there was no time to apply for personal loan from other banks. I thought I would be doing a balance transfer later from other bank with less ROI. EMI was around 11K per month. I paid the EMI for 11 or 12 months i.e. 1.32 Lacs. Later on, I had professional and personal issues due to which I was not able to pay the EMI. In between I tried for balance transfer from other bank but due to on going loan I was denied. I even told Customer care about my issues as I was very loyal in my Credit Card payment. I had around 14000 reward points. I took loan on my other credit card at low interest for paying Citi Bank. The loan was 1.31 Lacs. I told Citi bank about paying part payment so that my EMI can be decreased. They denied for part payment. Then later on I paid that 1.30 to Citi Bank as they were charing lot of interest on my card. Then again I stated them regarding my issues and assured them I will be paying the amount in full (whatever is remaining). Just let me get a job. I told my family regarding this. They again gave me 1.21 Lacs which was showing due. I asked the bank about total due but they told they will be able to tell when I will make 1.21 lacs payment. I made a payment by taking it from my family. Now when I asked them, they are saying 2.40 Lacs is still remaining. I mean, we are middle class people. I have a home loan on my head and CITI bank keep on demanding money. What should I do ? Please suggest. I am in a big mess. I was delaying any payment on my credit card. I was spending the amount which I could pay. My CIBIL was totally spoilt. I even received called for settlement but I thought would pay them just not to see the "Settled" tag on my account. I would not be getting any loan in future when the account will show the Settled tag. However, what one should do in this kind of situation ? They force the customer to be defaulter or settle the account. Please Help...!!!

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