Cash withdrawal from ATM machine but no money received and amount debited from account

Dear Sir,

I had withdrawn Rs.10, 000 at the below mentioned ATM. But, the ATM machine didn't dispense out money. As per the account statement the transaction happened and the amount was debited. The amount still has not been credited to my account. Request you to please look into the matter and confirm the same. It has been many days since we have been following with the customer care team and no action has been taken.
The bank replies by saying the transaction is complete
We request to show us CCTV footage in this case

Please see below the details:

Complaint no: M146206987
Name on ATM card: Ayush Kapoor
Bank: PNB
Account No: 1639000100155982
ATM location: Union Bank, Sikandra Crossing, Agra
Date: 22-Apr-19
Time : 2:08 PM
Amount: Rs. 10,000

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